Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack Charts #1 Worldwide on iTunes

    An incredible achievement.

    The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack was officially released on Wednesday, and it seems that the album is selling incredibly well thus far. Spotted by Matt Ombler, the data from iTunes has revealed that the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack has topped the charts worldwide. For April 10 and April 11, the album charted at #1 worldwide, surpassing recent albums from artists like Beyoncé. 

    As of today, the album has fallen to #3, but this is an absolutely incredible milestone regardless. Keep in mind that these numbers are 100% based on purchases alone, with the album available for $39.99 in the US. Currently, it is not yet streaming on Apple Music or Spotify. A total of 175 tracks are available to purchase with the digital album, which spans 7 CDs physically. This is only a fraction of the entire soundtrack, with over 400 tracks reportedly created for the game. We’ll likely see an Original Soundtrack Plus release in the coming months.

    In our 5/5 review, we stated the following on the soundtrack:

    “Besides the astounding visuals, the penultimate feature of Rebirth’s presentation is the magnificent soundtrack you’ll experience. Masashi Hamauzu and Mitsuto Suzuki have produced what is one of the greatest game soundtracks in recent memory. I adored the themes and music found in FFVII Remake, but Rebirth has taken everything so great about that OST and turned it up to 11. And that says a lot, considering the composers were able to create eight CDs worth of incredible music for just one city.”

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now for PlayStation 5, with the Original Soundtrack available worldwide. To purchase the soundtrack, you can head to iTunes, Amazon Music, or the Square Enix Store for a physical copy. 

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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