New Comments from Tetsuya Nomura, Yoshinori Kitase, Nobuo Uematsu, and More Shared in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack Booklet

    The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack is officially out today, and inside the included booklet, new comments from many key development members have been shared! We took these comments directly from the ~Special Edit Version~ of the soundtrack so everyone can view the comments celebrating the incredible music found in Rebirth. The booklet itself contains the track list, lyrics for songs with vocals, and comments from developers. Check out all eight comments below:

    Yoshinori Kitase Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    “The Gold Saucer date scenes inside the gondola were something I’m sure many people remember from the original Final Fantasy VII, but do you remember how Cloud and his partner also starred in a play called Loveless? Well, it returns in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and it’s more magical than ever. Fleshed out into a three-act opera, this grandiose production depicts the struggle of our hero and the princess to free the Kingdom of Guardia, and is made all the more dramatic by its accompanying soundtrack. Of particular note is the song Aerith so passionately sings during the climax, ‘No Promises to Keep’ — composed by none other than Nobuo Uematsu. While it is certainly a powerful track, every piece of music on this soundtrack expertly complements the scenes during which they play. Please give them all a listen; you won’t be disappointed” – Yoshinori Kitase, Producer

    Tetsuya Nomura Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth plays out on a far grander stage than its predecessor, and is filled with many unique towns and environments. This larger scale is reflected in the game’s wide variety of music, allowing you to better immerse yourself in this world. Even the story has grown, becoming more emotional and impactful, with higher highs that will leave you feeling joyful or galvanized, and lower lows that will tug at your heart strings. And as music is so closely linked to our emotions, I’m sure this album will stay with you long after you’re done playing. One particularly notable piece is ‘No Promises to Keep,’ a song we had written for Aerith. It represents a humble prayer made during the party’s epic journey. I’m sure it will become a meaningful song for many of you” – Tetsuya Nomura, Creative Director

    Motomu Toriyama Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    “In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Cloud and company journey beyond the confines of Midgar. In this wider world, they come across a variety of unique locations and people. While Final Fantasy VII Remake — which took place within a steel, futuristic cityscape — had a more uniform, metropolitan soundtrack, Rebirth sees players traversing an expansive, diverse world, and this title’s tracks reflect that — running the gamut of styles and genres. While you’re listening to these songs, I hope you’re able to experience that same sense of freedom and adventure—one that will take you to the grasslands’ rolling plains, Junon’s mako-green seas, Costa del Sol’s sun-kissed sands, the Gold Saucer’s gilded paths, Cosmo Canyon’s glittering night skies, and even Nibel’s soaring peaks.” – Motomu Toriyama, Co-Director

    Nobuo Uematsu Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    Final Fantasy VII fans around the world have made sure that Aerith has not been forgotten. If anything, her legacy only continues to grow. Never before have I seen a character receive so much support from fans for such a long time. As an Aerith fan myself, I offered my support in the form of a melody. Hopefully everyone who likes Aerith the world over will enjoy it. For those who read Japanese, you should also check out Kazushige Nojima’s original lyrics. You might be even more moved by the immediacy of her bittersweet feelings. May this song add even more to Aerith’s appeal…” – Nobuo Uematsu, Final Fantasy VII Original Composer

    Loren Allred Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    “Embodying Aerith in ‘No Promises to Keep’ as part of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a career highlight for me, one that wouldn’t exist without the musical visionary Nobuo Uematsu. A legend in the Final Fantasy universe, Nobuo’s music helped guide me into this storied character’s life. It is an honor to give her a voice that I hope expresses her true strength and essence. None of this would be possible without Aerith’s courageous story, the Square Enix team, and Nobuo Uematsu’s masterful work. Thank you for entrusting me with such a beloved character” – Loren Allred, Theme Song Vocalist

    Mitsuto Suzuki Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    “Just as this game is rich with expansive locations, sweeping tales, and unique characters, so too is it filled with countless pieces of music. The Gold Saucer is jam-packed with attractions and minigames—so packed, in fact, that you could probably fill a whole soundtrack just with tunes from the chocobo races. As a composer, that was quite daunting. Yet it also provided me with new creative opportunities: using live recordings from a bar for the Queen’s Blood tournament music, asking a high school band and choir to lend their youthful performances to a song, writing an old-school rap for Scoth and Kotch… Before I knew it, I had composed about 150 tracks of original music and branching variations. We faced many challenges along the way, but I’m overjoyed I was able to help breathe new life into the ever-evolving FFVII universe. Our team of audio creators and supportive staff worked together to create the sounds of this world, all compiled here on 8 discs (7 in the standard version). I hope you’ll give them a listen!” – Mitsuto Suzuki, Music

    Masashi Hamauzu Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    “Yet again I was entrusted with the music for immensely important scores, and I felt the weight of history bearing down upon me throughout the process. The Loveless scenes are a testament to classical stage plays and their great regality. The cinematography on display in these scenes—in typical FF fashion—is chock full of extremely powerful elements. To match that power, I felt I had to draw upon the whole history of music and all that makes it emotional—a difficult task, to say the least. Thankfully, the vocal lessons I took when I was young came in handy. I would also like to mention how indebted I am to Sachiko Miyano, my esteemed Tokyo University of the Arts alum, and someone who is intimately familiar with opera. I appreciate all her help and the deep conversations we had while working together. Finally, it was my distinct pleasure to work with Stephen Powell, whose Bastianini-esque baritone voice is something I thought lost to time” – Masashi Hamauzu, Music

    Keiji Kawamori Comment – Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack

    “I’d like to take this opportunity to touch upon how music is used in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The original melodies of FFVII are sprinkled throughout the soundtrack, now rearranged into pieces of various genres—just like in Remake. However, did you notice that the music now changes throughout a given quest depending on your progress and location? This was quite difficult to execute since you can start a new quest while in the middle of another, make progress in the main story, then resume that first quest you put on hold. A number of different pieces can play throughout a quest, so finding just the right music for each situation was tricky, but after some trial and error, everything came together. I hope that, while playing through the game, you enjoy not just the main story music, but these pieces associated with quests as well!” – Keiji Kawamori, Music Supervisor

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now exclusively for PlayStation 5. In our 5/5 review of the game, we stated, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a generational RPG that exemplifies everything there is to love about the medium.”

    The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack is now available for purchase physically and digitally

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