Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Surpasses 310,596 Copies Sold in Japan

    The first sales update.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was officially the best-selling game in Japan for the month of March. This information comes from Famitsu, which based its report on the period of February 26 through March 31, 2024. In total, 310,596 copies of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth were sold during this period, which comes in slightly under Final Fantasy XVI and significantly under Final Fantasy VII Remake

    At this time, Square Enix has yet to provide a sales figure for the title. It’s unclear how many copies the game has sold worldwide. Final Fantasy VII Remake sold through 3.5 million copies in 3 days after release. It is expected that Rebirth could be under that, as it is a sequel and all. To date, FFVII Remake has sold over seven million copies as of September 2023. It’s anyone’s guess as to how many copies Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has sold at this point, but Square Enix will, at the very latest, likely reveal an update during its next investor meeting in May.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second title in a three-game trilogy remaking the entirety of Final Fantasy VII. The game kicks off as the party steps out of Midgar for the first time, with loads of surprises and twists awaiting them throughout the game. In our 5/5 review of the game, we stated, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a generational RPG that exemplifies everything there is to love about the medium.” We were especially impressed with the story, character development, combat, world, and music.

    Speaking of, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack is now available to purchase worldwide. You can either purchase a physical CD set or head to a digital storefront like iTunes and pick up the soundtrack for $39.99.

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now exclusively for PlayStation 5. 

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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