Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Episode 1: Shaping the World Released

    The open world returns.

    Square Enix and PlayStation have released the first episode of a new series titled Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. A similar series was created for Final Fantasy VII Remake, which dove into the behind-the-scenes development of the title. 

    The first episode of Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth focuses on the world and everything that went into capturing the world map. The world map was a staple in Final Fantasy VIIVIII, and IX, but ultimately had to be left behind when the team moved to the PlayStation 2. Now, the developers have brought back the beloved formula with the power of the PlayStation 5.

    The following staff at Square Enix participated in Episode 1:

    • Naoki Hamaguchi – Director
    • Yoshinori Kitase – Producer
    • Tetsuya Nomura – Creative Director
    • Makoto Ise – Sound Director
    • Mitsuto Suzuki – Composer
    • Keiji Kawamori – Music Supervisor
    • Shintaro Takai – Art Director
    • Mizushi Sugawara – Environment Artwork Supervisor
    • Takako Miyake – Environment Director
    • Iichiro Yamaguchi – Lighting Director
    • Hidekazu Miyake – Cutscene Director
    • Junichi Hayashi – Cutscene Co-Director
    • Akira Iwasawa – Facial Director

    You can take a look at the first episode of Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth below:

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is available now exclusively for PlayStation 5. In case you missed it, be sure to check out our 5/5 review of the game, where we stated, “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a generational RPG that exemplifies everything there is to love about the medium.”

    Recently, new trailers were released for the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Original Soundtrack and the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Ultimania. Both are set to release in early April, so be sure to stay tuned for all sorts of information once they release.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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