Beyblade X Premiering Globally in Summer 2024

    "Welcome to the X."

    ADK Emotions NY Inc. and Tomy Company, Ltd. recently announced that the upcoming Beyblade X anime will premiere globally in summer 2024. They have also revealed a new trailer for the series.

    Beyblade X is the long-anticipated return of the Beyblade franchise. The series will continue the toy line’s story initially established with the 1999 Beyblade, 2008’s Beyblade: Metal Fusion, and 2015’s Beyblade Burst series. The series initially premiered in Japan on October 6.

    Beyblade X Confirmed for Global Premiere in Summer 2024, New Trailer Revealed

    Beyblade X Premiering Outside of Asia in 2024

    In a new trailer, the staff of the upcoming Beyblade X anime confirmed that the series will air globally in summer 2024. The exact release date of the series is currently unknown, as is its distributor. However, the new toyline for the series will release alongside the anime’s premiere. The Japanese cast includes the following:

    • Sōma Saitō as X Kurosu
    • Shūichirō Umeda as Bird Kazami
    • Ruriko Noguchi as Multi Nanairo

    Check out the new trailer below:

    The Beyblade X staff includes Katsuhito Akiyama as chief director, and OLM director Sotsu Terada Hikaru Muno is credited for original series concept and scenario assistance. Kazuho Hyodo is the series’ scriptwriter. Posuka Demizu is the original character designer, while Yoshihiro Nagamori is the chief animation character designer. Popular J-rock band ONE OK ROCK will perform the anime’s opening theme, “Prove.” Additionally, aespa performs the anime’s ending theme song, “ZOOM ZOOM.”

    This past June, Kakegurui manga artist and writer Homura Kawamoto, Hikaru Muno (High Card), and Posuka Demizu (The Promised Neverland) launched the original Beyblade X manga in Shogakukan’s Monthly Coro Coro Comics magazine. Kawamoto and his younger brother Muno are the series’ writers, while Demizu provides the illustrations.

    According to Anime News Network, the series’ story “centers on a young boy who aims to be a professional Beyblade player. He aims to get to X Tower, where professional Beyblade players gather.”

    Lastly, Beyblade X will premiere globally in summer 2024. The anime’s staff will likely reveal more details about the series’ exact release date and global distributors in the coming months.

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