SINce Memories: Off the Starry Sky Coming to the West

    Released in September 2021 in Japan.

    PQube and Mages. announced romance visual novel SINce Memories: Off the Starry Sky will finally release in the west for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. The release comes nearly three years after the Japanese release.

    After a slight delay, SINce Memories: Off the Starry Sky released on September 16, 2021 in Japan for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. A PC version followed up on December 16, 2021. A release date for the western release has not been announced yet.

    SINce Memories: Off the Starry Sky Announcement Trailer

    Here’s an overview of the visual novel, courtesy of PQube

    Grieving the death of his brother, Junya is confronted by a mysterious girl who utters the words, ‘you should have been the one to die’. Plagued by his tragic past, yet surrounded by those that want to help him, Junya begins renovating a traditional Japanese manor house, a task so large he cannot tackle it alone.

    SINce Memories is a successor to the celebrated Memories Off series. Set 10 years after the Memories Off series and in a modern setting, this familiar coming-of-age visual novel is full of growth, love, and healing.

    • Uncover the mystery: as you rebuild the Hojo manor, uncover the tangled past and the truth behind Junya’s brother’s death and the mysterious girl who blames you.
    • Branching routes: explore different character routes as you foster relationships both old and new, with the five heroines, Chihaya, Hinata, Chunyu, Yuriko and Azusa.
    • Character designs by U35: phenomenal artwork from U35, acclaimed character designer, bringing exquisite production values and unique character creations.
    • A memorable story: scenario writing by Tsukasa Tsuchiya, Hiro Akizuki, Rio Izumi, Decocool, Moe Gungu, and Chiyo Yakaku – whose credits include the likes of Steins;Gate 0, Fate/Zero and the Atelier series.
    • Voiced characters: fully voiced in Japanese, bringing the characters personalities and interactions to life, allowing you to immerse and experience their raw emotion and heartfelt reactions.
    • Exceptional soundtrack: notable for his work on Steins;Gate, Chaos;Head and the Memories Off series, Takeshi Abo has produced a moving soundtrack which transforms this visual novel into a cinematic experience.
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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