Crypt of the NecroDancer ‘SYNCHRONY’ DLC Out Now

    18 months of Steam Early Access end today.

    Brace Yourself Games announced the Crypt of the NecroDancer “SYNCHRONY” DLC is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam and GOG. The version 4.0.0 release ends roughly a year and half of Steam Early Access for the DLC as well. 

    The SYNCHRONY DLC first entered Steam Early Access on August 4, 2022, giving Crypt of the NecroDancer players a sample of the full DLC. New content, several features, and quality-of-life improvements were developed over time since then. 

    SYNCHRONY Begins in Crypt of the NecroDancer on All Platforms

    The Crypt of the NecroDancer SYNCHRONY DLC brings new playable characters, online multiplayer for up to eight players, mod support (PC), new weapons and gear, and so much more. It’s available for $6.99 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam and GOG. A 25% discount is currently active on Steam, bringing the price down from $6.99 to $5.24 until March 21. 

    Here’s an overview of the new DLC, via Steam

    Crypt of the NecroDancer: SYNCHRONY is a massive new content pack for Crypt of the NecroDancer! It adds cross-platform online multiplayer (co-op and vs), three new characters, full mod support (and built-in mod portal), new items, enemies, traps, and more!

    Key Features

    • Online multiplayer support for up to 8 players in co-op and vs modes!
    • New character: Chaunter — Posesses enemies and fights using their powers!
    • New character: Suzu — Speedy character with an invincible dash attack!
    • New character: Klarinetta — Does battle with a huge two-handed sword!
    • Full mod support allowing most aspects of the game to be modded!
    • An integrated mod portal, and the ability to load multiple mods at once!
    • New weapons, spells, items, enemies, shrines, traps, and more!
    • “Weekly Challenge” mode, featuring new community-made content each week!

    Lastly, read up on patch notes for Crypt of the NecroDancer version 4.0.0:

    New features
    • Added Weekly Challenge  mode to the SYNCHRONY DLC:
      • Huge shout-outs to our incredibly talented modding community for creating such a wide variety of content!
      • Each week features community-created playable characters, items, monsters, mechanics, bosses or zones
      • Speedrun times and high scores are tracked on a set of single-player and co-op leaderboards for each week
      • Previous weeks can be revisited and replayed at any time
    • Added cross-platform online multiplayer for the SYNCHRONY DLC between all supported platforms:
      • If cross-play is enabled when creating a public lobby, players from any platform can join the lobby
        • To play privately with friends from other platforms, set the visibility to “Public” and specify a password
      • Cross-play can be enabled or disabled when creating a lobby, or as a filtering option in the public game browser
      • Mods that have been reviewed and approved for all platforms by our moderation team can be enabled in cross-play sessions
    • Added cross-platform leaderboards for the SYNCHRONY DLC:
      • An icon next to each entry indicates which platform a leaderboard record was achieved on
      • Leaderboard replays are now supported across all platforms for cross-play leaderboards
    • Added online cross-play support for the AMPLIFIED DLC:
      • Lobbies hosted with AMPLIFIED content enabled can now be joined by players who do not own the DLC
      • Joining an AMPLIFIED lobby temporarily makes Zone 5 and all new items, enemies, shrines, traps and bosses available
    • Added leaderboard ranking indicator to Run Summary menu when achieving a new personal best score or time
      • For cross-platform leaderboards, both the old and new rank order are displayed
    • Added a new replay menu and replay management features:
      • The replay menu now displays info such as character, mode, zone/floor number and speedrun time for each replay
      • Replays can be marked as “Favorite” to pin them to the top of the replay menu and store them permanently
      • The replay menu can now be accessed from the pause menu and the run summary menu while watching a replay
    • Added options to control the visibility of other player’s usernames in online sessions
    • Added platform indicator icons to the player list
    • Added status indicator to player list menu
    • Added menu options to report players, lobbies and leaderboard entries
    • Added an option to block disruptive players
      • Blocking a player prevents them from joining lobbies you’ve created
      • When joining another player’s lobby, a warning message is shown when a blocked player joins the game
    • Added new graphics system for greatly improved performance across all platforms
    • Added an option to display the current framerate in-game
    • Added password-protected multiplayer lobbies
    • Added rich presence status for all platforms
    • Added “Show modded lobbies” and “Show cross-play lobbies” filters to game browser menu
    • Added an overhauled mod management system and menu:
      • Old mod versions are now automatically deleted after updating to the latest version
        • This behavior can be disabled via an option in the “Mod options” menu
        • This can also be invoked manually for all installed mods using option in the “Mod options” menu
      • Contextual mod actions are now displayed in a small pop-up overlay, instead of a section in the sidebar
      • Inappropriate mods can now be reported and (and their creators muted) directly from within the mod menu
      • Searching/filtering the mod menu now highlights all occurrences of the search term in mod titles and descriptions
    • Added support for saving/loading mods in presets
    • Added a progress bar when loading game content
    • Added equipment sprites for spells added in the SYNCHRONY DLC
    • Added an option to customize the color of gold outlines for Monk/Coda
    • Changed character selection room statistics to dynamically adjust to the current extra mode and player count
    • Changed ‘Letterbox’ view scaling mode to prefer pixel-perfect scale factors, instead of stretching pixels
    • Changed ‘Stretch’ view scaling mode to preserve the original aspect ratio, while stretching pixels to non-integer factors
    • Changed  replay overlay to show “Restart” button prompt on the final level, instead of “Next level”
    • Changed post-death replay to alternate between the player’s and monster’s perspective after each loop
      • Changed version compatibility checks to tolerate differences in build numbers:
      • This allows hotfixes to be released at different times between platforms without preventing players from joining each other
    • Changed replay system to compress all replays recorded throughout each day into one file:
      • This greatly reduces storage requirements and improves performance when navigating the replay menu
      • Replays marked as “Favorite” are saved separately, allowing individual runs to be shared with other players
    • Changed leaderboard categories if the SYNCHRONY DLC is enabled:
      • Reduced number of combinations involving extra modes (Deathless, No Return, Hard, Phasing, Randomizer, Mystery)
        • Co-op boards for extra modes are unified across player counts (2/3/4/5+ co-op have been merged into 2+)
        • Extra modes no longer have Custom Music and Double Tempo leaderboard variants
      • Multi-character modes (All Characters, Story, Ensemble) still retain all leaderboard variants
      • Archived versions of all merged/removed leaderboards can still be viewed using the in-game menu on supported platforms
    • Changed translations to include all new and updated text across all supported languages
    • Changed resource loading system to improve startup time
    • Changed skin selection menu to only show selected player character
    • Changed spectator/replay mode to hide item slot key bindings
    • Changed minimap to crop the view around the player camera on large levels
    • Changed minimap to show Shrines of Configuration and selectable characters in the lobby
    • Changed minimap to follow the player through side rooms in the lobby
    • Changed online mod setup synchronization to be performed simultaneously for everyone, instead of waiting for the host
    • Changed tile map, light map and collision map systems to improve performance and reduce memory usage
    • Changed hitbox size of menu entries for mouse/touch input to eliminate gaps between entries
    • Changed fullscreen mode to use a borderless window
    • Changed mod dependencies to be downloaded automatically when loading a mod after a dependency was uninstalled
    • Changed DLCs to be load-order-independent, eliminating unnecessary reloads when joining unmodded multiplayer sessions
    Modding features
    • Added module VertexAnimation with functions for smoothing out animations during low FPS:
      • Obtain an animID from VertexAnimation.linear(vx, vy, maxTime), then pass it to buffer.draw{anim = animID, …}
      • ObjectRenderer.getObjectVisual() automatically preserves animIDs of moving entities
    • Added menu layout debugger to debug overlay
    • Added optional function field to
    • Added support for color-type settings via Settings.user.color{…}
    • Added support for drawing custom triangles/quads via Render.getBuffer(…).drawQuad{…}
    • Added function leaderboardRunInfo.summarizeContext()
    • Added function secretRoom.startFight()
    • Added function secretRoom.deleteTransactionCollider()
    • Added event.NecroEdit_categoryInit and event.NecroEdit_categoryFilter to modify editor categories via mods
    • Added enum editorCategory.FilterGroup to control grouping of editor search results
    • Added event.menuSettingsEntry to override how settings are presented in the menu
    • Added launch parameter –no-mods to launch the game without loading mods
    • Changed developer settings menu (Shift+F8, Shift+F9) to improve usability:
      • Added highlighting for modified vs. untouched settings
      • Added search term highlighting
      • Increased column width for settings value
      • Improved support for lower resolutions
      • Increased bounding box size on touchscreen devices
      • Enabled switching between options and custom rules without first closing the menu
      • Fixed performance issues when displaying extremely long settings values
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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