Unicorn Overlord Day One Update Adds Normal Difficulty

    ATLUS and Vanillaware confirm the day one update (version 1.01) for tactical fantasy RPG Unicorn Overlord will add the Normal difficulty level. This is the equivalent to the Casual difficulty level that was found in the Unicorn Overlord demo

    Vanillaware fans will soon experience the “rebirth” of tactical fantasy RPGs in Unicorn Overlord. Alain, protagonist and prince of Cornia, is chosen to lead the Liberation Army and return peace to Fevrith. On March 8, the game’s first update will be one that fans need to download to get the best possible experience.

    Unicorn Overlord Day One Update (Version 1.01) Patch Notes

    The day one update brings support for save data transfers from the Unicorn Overlord demo, and the Normal difficulty will be added in the update as well. Full patch notes for the version 1.01 update may be found below, via ATLUS:

    • Save data from the demo can now be carried over to the main game.
    • Artwork has been added to the status screen of some characters.
    • A new game difficulty level “NORMAL” has been added, and each difficulty level has been adjusted to make it easier to play.

    Unicorn Overlord Day One Update

    Difficulty setting (Main game)

    • The difficulty level “CASUAL” found in the demo version is equivalent to the difficulty level “NORMAL” in the main game. The main game’s “STORY” difficulty is an easier difficulty level; if you want a bigger challenge than provided by “STORY”, please change to the newly established “NORMAL”!

    Functional improvements

    • Performance improvements and adjustments
    • Improvements made to some stages
    • Adjustments made to some item skills
    • Improvements made to system performance and stability
    • Improvements to UI and various bug fixes

    Moreover, the March 21 issue of Famitsu will feature developer interviews with Unicorn Overlord director Takafumi Noma, lead planner Wataru Nakanishi and Atlus producer Akiyasu Yamamoto. The new issue comes with a B5 size card appendix featuring the original illustration shown on the magazine’s cover, which was illustrated by Noma.


    Lastly, Unicorn Overlord launches March 8 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X|S.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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