Duel Masters LOST Receiving Anime Adaptation in Fall 2024

    New promo reveals returning cast members from Duel Masters Win.

    A recently opened website has revealed that the recently released Duel Masters LOST manga will be getting an anime adaptation in Fall 2024. The website also revealed a new promo confirming some members of the series’ cast.

    Duel Masters is a multimedia project that initially started in 1999. Shigenobu Matsumoto wrote the still-ongoing manga. The first anime series aired in 2002. Over the years, several new manga, anime, and merchandise have been released as part of the massive project. The first issue of Duel Masters LOST, the latest entry in the twenty-five-year-old franchise, released on February 1.

    Duel Masters LOST Anime Airing in Fall, New Trailer Revealed

    Duel Masters LOST Key Visual

    A recently opened website officially confirmed that an anime adaptation of Duel Masters LOST will release in Fall 2024. The website revealed the first trailer, key visual, and cast members. Shotaro Uzawa and Wataru Hatano both return from Duel Masters Win as Win Kirifuda and Abyssbell = Jashin Emperor (Jashin-kun) respectively. Further, J.C. Staff will be the main studio behind the upcoming series. Check out the first trailer below:

    Anime News Network describes the series as follows:

    “‘LOST’ is an ‘alternate time story’ that progresses at the same time as the current story of Duel Masters Win, and the Duel Masters Lost Tsuioku no Suishō manga depicts a never-before-seen world. It centers on 16-year-old Win Kirifuda — the protagonist of the Duel Masters Win anime — who has lost everything. He is then drawn into a battle to regain the world he once desired.”

    Lastly, the Duel Masters LOST anime adaptation will air in Fall 2024. The anime’s staff will likely reveal more details about the series’ cast, staff, exact release date, and worldwide distributors in the coming weeks and months. Further, the Duel Masters LOST manga is available for fans to read on the Weekly CoroCoro website. They will likely release more issues soon.

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