Shadowverse Flame New Arc Airing on April 13

    A new promo for the "Ark" arc.

    The official website for the Shadowverse Flame anime officially confirmed that the upcoming “Ark” arc will premiere on April 13. They also revealed a new trailer and details for both the opening and ending theme.

    Shadowverse is an anime based on Cygames’ card battle smartphone game franchise of the same name. Recently, the company announced a new free-to-play competitive online collectible card game in the franchise. The game will be titled Shadowverse: Worlds Beyond and will release in Summer 2024.

    Shadowverse Flame “Ark” Arc Airing on April 13, New Trailer Revealed

    Shadowverse Flame Anime New Arc Starting in April 2024

    The official website for Shadowverse Flame confirmed that the series’ seventh arc will air on April 13. The arc, titled “Ark,” will premiere on Saturday at 9:30 AM on TV Tokyo and its affiliates. Additionally, the promo also confirms that Nano will perform the OP, “Do or Die,” while LIL LEAGUE will perform the ED, “Heavy Gamer.” Check out the new promo below:

    All episodes of Shadowverse are available on Crunchyroll. The streaming service describes it as follows:

    The Shadowverse Club Tournament begins!

    Light Tenryu came to Shadowverse College without knowing the first thing about Shadowverse and joined Seventh Flame, a Shadowverse club on the verge of being shut down. He falls in love with playing Shadowverse while working with his friends Subaru Makabe and Itsuki Mitsutagawa to find new club members.

    He faces off in fierce battles against opponents using a wide array of cards, and finally succeeds in recruiting Gentleman, Ren Kazamatsuri, and Tsubasa Takanashi to his team. Now Seventh Flame is reborn, and he and his friends are challenged to enter the Shadowverse Club Tournament that will decide who’s the strongest of them all.

    Each member of Seventh Flame faces Shadowverse in their own way, and in the process, they grow stronger and more confident. But none of their opponents will be easy to defeat.

    Powerful rivals await them at the Shadowverse Club Tournament. Will Light be able to reach Haruma and make up for his earlier defeat? A battle where each player’s pride and love of Shadowverse is on the line is about to begin!

    Lastly, the next arc of Shadowverse Flame will air on April 13.

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