Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Story & Scenario Writer

    A legendary game requires legendary talent...

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second entry in the ambitious Final Fantasy VII remake project. These titles have many talented developers with a lot of history with the series, be they creators or fans. They have a lot riding on their shoulders, carrying the expectations of millions. The project is helmed by some of the best in the industry, along with several series veterans offering the prime of their careers to guarantee the quality of this multi-game project. One of these brilliant creatives is the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Writer, Kazushige Nojima.

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    Who is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s Writer?

    Kazushige Nojima has been working on Square games since Final Fantasy VII. His scenarios have touched the hearts of millions. Some of the most popular entries in the series were penned by him, including tons of side material. In 2003, Nojima left Square and founded Stellavista. He still works for Square Enix in a freelance role, but he also provides his writing talent to other projects such as FuRyu’s upcoming action RPG REYNATIS.

    The Man Behind Over 20 Years of Gaming’s Best Stories, Kazushige Nojima

    Nojima may not be the only person on these teams writing or coming up with ideas, but he’s the one who ties everything together and makes a cohesive whole. Yes, the director and designers have ideas that Nojima incorporates, but his knowledge lets him make these stories flourish. He adds the necessary details and has the vision and connection to the dev team to make each new story work. Nojima’s penmanship turns ideas and concepts into fully fleshed-out worlds populated with deep characters. Nojima has worked on Final Fantasy VII, VIII, and X. He’s also responsible for a huge number of Final Fantasy novels and works within the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

    What is His Role in the Creation of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth aims to reimagine the iconic Final Fantasy VII, combining elements from each of its side games in order to create the ultimate retelling. Nojima has spent countless hours helping fill this world with life. The lore, how the populous lives, how each and every character speaks and thinks is what Kojima pieces together. He listens to the developers and aims to create a story that incorporates their ideas into something amazing, all with his signature complexity and humanity.

    Kazushige Nojima is one of the main cornerstones of this project and is necessary for this remake project to achieve its full potential. He’s been here since the beginning, so he has to be the one to see it through to the end. He’s been crafting this world and these characters for over 25 years and his skills are being put to the test. What Unknown Journey does Nojima have planned? We will see…

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