Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Character Designer, Roberto Ferrari

    A legendary game requires legendary talent...

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second entry in the ambitious Final Fantasy VII remake project. These titles have many talented developers with a lot of history with the series, be they creators or fans. They have a lot riding on their shoulders, carrying the expectations of millions. The project is helmed by some of the best in the industry, along with several series veterans offering the prime of their careers to guarantee the quality of this multi-game project. One of these brilliant creatives is the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Character Designer, Roberto Ferrari.

    Be sure to read our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Review. You can find more information about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth directly from the game’s website. Visit the PlayStation Store page to purchase the game or try out the demo if you’re on the fence!

    Who is Roberto Ferrari?

    Ferrari was born in Italy, with dreams of having a professional art career in Japan after falling in love with Japanese animation. He moved to Japan in the late 90s and ended up working at Tatsunoko Productions (an animation studio that Final Fantasy art veteran Yoshitaka Amano even worked at). He later joined Square Enix after garnering respect and interest in video game art. Here’s a translation of an interview he did for the Italian website Akiba Gamers. This goes into detail about his journey and passions while offering insights into both the industry and Ferrari as a person. 

    What Has He Done Prior to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

    Roberto Ferrari has been a pretty big name at Square Enix for the last decade. He contributed sub-character designs to Final Fantasy Type-0, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, and Final Fantasy XV characters. Besides his work on those FF games, he’s been playing a sizable role in the FF7 remake project. He’s responsible for many of the side character redesigns along with the gorgeous dresses in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

    What is His Role in the Creation of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Character Design Roberto Ferrari
    Ferrari has come so far. He’s actually getting top billing next to Nomura these days!

    Ferrari has reprised his role as a character designer in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In Remake, he was responsible for many reimaginings of characters. It seems that he is continuing his amazing work alongside the rest of the art team and the legendary Tetsuya Nomura! I can’t wait to crack open the upcoming art books to see his amazing works in their full glory! His style is both unique and spectacular. Each one of his designs features lavish details and bursts with personality. Which is exactly what Final Fantasy is all about. His characters have a wide range, going from cool to cute or even beautiful.

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