Shiren the Wanderer 6: Rescue Guide

    Even Wanderers need help, including yourself, hotshot!

    Shiren the Wanderer: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island will 100% dole out some pain or unexpected situations. You can’t always operate at peak performance. Trying to work with the cards you’re dealt isn’t always easy, especially when luck is involved. However, there is a safety net in the ‘Rescue’ system. Our Shiren the Wanderer 6: The Mystery Dungeon of Serpentcoil Island Equipment Rescue Guide will tell you everything you need to know about rising back up from defeat without any losses.

    The game is available on the Nintendo Switch and is available on the eshop and physically from retailers! Take a look at the official site for the game for more information!

    Shiren the Wanderer 6 Rescue Guide – General Tips

    Don’t be afraid of failure! You may have to start over upon incapacitation, but many new things are unlocked by making multiple attempts and progressing further within the dungeons. Your experimentation and willpower will gain you immeasurable knowledge and practice. Remember: rise and rise again!

    Take your time! This game is turn-based in a sense, as everything moves and happens in response to YOUR actions. If you’re in a tight situation, really mull over your options and brainstorm a proper plan. Read item and monster descriptions, experiment with your gear, strategically stall, flee for safety, or even take a loss if necessary. Progress is progress!

    Our Shiren the Wanderer 6 Guides are here to help! They offer more in-depth information on a variety of topics.

    Becoming a Rescuer

    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Adventure Log Screen

    Like much of the content in this game, you unlock this function after a few attempts at tackling the Mystery Dungeon. After your failed attempts and some small progression, you will be treated to a new menu that is accessible from your Adventure Log screen on the top menu.

    When selecting ‘Rescue’, you get shifted over to a new screen. This screen has various options regarding this feature. You can connect to the online server and accept rescue requests from the ‘Rescue Board’. Then, you can ‘Go on a Rescue’. When you’re on a rescue, you start from level 1 and the first floor of the dungeon. This is almost exactly like the dungeon your fellow wanderer fell in. Use your skills to make it to the floor where they lie and save them!

    Your one and only goal is to reach the other wanderer. You don’t keep any items, levels, or Gitan you find. You can retry rescues as much as you like until you succeed (until the rescue time window of 7 days is up). Keep in mind, the same rescue will reuse the same seed, allowing you to keep retrying and polishing a winning strategy with what you’re given.

    Requesting Rescue

    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Request Rescue

    When you unlock this function, you can begin requesting your own rescues. You can post your rescue request online or even share your Rescue ID with others. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to restart your run. If you die and get rescued you keep all of your progress! Also, you can only be rescued up to 3 times per run!


    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Rescue Self

    If you aren’t having any luck with strangers rescuing you, you can take it into your own hands! You can attempt a self-rescue. The same 3 rescues per run limit still applies, but rescue attempts don’t count against it! If you’re having a great run and just can’t let it slip away, I highly recommend you submit a rescue request and attempt to save yourself as well. However, there’s one more thing to keep in mind…

    Aid Points

    Shiren the Wanderer 6 : Aid Points

    You earn Aid Points as you complete rescues. You get point bonuses for the amount of Gitan and items that you carry. These points can then be spent to give yourself boosts during a rescue. If you or a stranger are deep in the dungeon, then spending these points would be wise. Give yourself extra levels, strength, or even gear! Grinding out some points on rescues in order to guarantee saving yourself on a good run is a solid strategy, indeed!

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