Crunchyroll Releases App for LG Smart TVs

    Comes just a few weeks after the app's release on Samsung TVs.

    Crunchyroll announced that their streaming service is available now on LG Smart TVs. The announcement comes a few weeks after the app’s release on Samsung TVs.

    Crunchyroll will release many upcoming anime on their streaming service throughout Winter, Spring, and beyond. Examples include The Apothecary Diaries, Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!, The Foolish Angel Dances With the Devil, and more. With the app coming to more devices, fans can now enjoy all the latest and greatest anime in more ways than ever before.

    Crunchyroll Available Now on LG Smart TVs

    According to Crunchyroll, their streaming service is available now on LG Smart TVs. It is available in America and several other territories throughout the entire world (except for Brazil). Crunchyroll states more about the release below:

    In addition to a U.S. launch, the Crunchyroll app will be available to many other markets around the world, with the exception of Brazil at this time. Through this collaboration, LG Smart TV users will be able to access a library of over 46,000 episodes and movies, 3,300 Japanese music videos and content special and the latest on-demand content, complete with subtitle and dub options across over 12 languages.

    Go to your LG Smart TV and download the Crunchyroll App from the LG Content Store to get started today!

    Recently, Crunchyroll allowed fans to access their service through Amazon Prime Video.  Prime members can pick from two Crunchyroll membership plans: Fan ($7.99/month in the U.S.) or Mega Fan ($9.99/month). Both tiers allow viewers to watch the entire Crunchyroll library and new episodes as they air without ads. Further, those who purchase the Mega Fan tier can download episodes for offline viewing.

    With the new release of Crunchyroll on Samsung and LG TVs, people can now enjoy their favorite anime on even more devices. The company will likely reveal the service’s presence on other devices in the coming weeks and months.

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