Ex Astris ‘World Building’ Trailer Released

    Arknights collaboration event on the horizon.

    GRYPHLINE released a new “World Building” trailer for mobile turn-based/real-time hybrid RPG Ex Astris, introducing the game’s world. 

    Ex Astris is Hypergryph’s first premium game, since it’s not a free-to-play title with standard microtransactions. It’s also one of the company’s first major releases under the GRYPHLINE brand, which includes real-time RPG Arknights: Endfield

    Ex Astris Trailer Explores The Game’s World

    The new Ex Astris “World Building” trailer offers a fascinating two-minute look into what the setting of the game will offer soon. Watch the new trailer below.

    While waiting for the game’s release, fans can prepare for the upcoming launch by taking part in an online Ex Astris and Arknights collaboration event. Fans who head to the official event page can gain access to crossover attire for Ex Astris by linking their GRYPHLINE account. Ex Astris players must use this same account by March 12 at 15:59 UTC to gain the Loose Uniform and Light Uniform in the game.

    Additionally, Arknights will host a special crossover in-game event with Ex Astris. Arknights players who login between February 27 and March 12 at 15:59 (UTC) can participate in the “When the Land Meets the Stars” event by heading to the event page. Players may claim all-new Doll of Polar Day and Doll of Pitchest Black furniture from there.

    Ex Astris launches February 27 for Android and iOS worldwide. Pre-orders are available now on Android via Google Play and iOS via App Store for $9.99 USD, $13.99 CAD, £8.99, and €9.99. Here’s an overview of the game, via GRYPHLINE:

    About Ex Astris

    World Exploration: Explore a planet in a tidally locked orbit, a realm where the sun never sets. Split into two distinct hemispheres by massive ring-shaped storms, this planet is home to bizarre creatures and intelligent beings remarkably similar to humans. On an RV journey, you will explore foreign lands with diverse local cultures, collect memories of extraordinary encounters, and unravel the mystery behind a looming storm.

    Obscuran Maneuvers: A cool blend of turn-based gameplay and fast-paced action. Make the most of our innovative Obscuran Maneuver system and time your responses to perfectly counter enemy attacks. You can also pull off powerful team combos and joint attacks with your allies for strategic advantages.

    Progression Experience: Assemble a team of vibrant companions, each with their own motives and stories. Their powers and strength will depend on your knowledge of their traits. Scour Allindo for various materials to concoct special dishes and craft all sorts of Laylah-Keys to empower your team. Solve intricate puzzles in strongholds, defeat challenging foes that stand in your way, and unveil the mysteries of Allindo.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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