Arknights: Endfield Details PC Technical Test Content

    Available right now on PC via Windows.

    GRYPHLINE and Mountain Contour revealed new details about the content found in the international PC technical test for real-time RPG Arknights: Endfield. Although the PC technical test is just a portion of the upcoming game, players will still have access to a sizable amount of content. 

    During The Game Awards 2023, GRYPHLINE confirmed that Arknights: Endfield will come to PlayStation 5 alongside the Android, iOS, and PC versions. The developers also confirmed the PC technical test would begin on January 11 for PC via Windows. Now that the test is actually live, several new details about the accessible content have been revealed. 

    Arknights: Endfield PC Technical Test Details

    During the Arknights: Endfield PC technical test, players have access to nine operators, five unlockable areas, 31 weapons, various missions, and the AIC feature. Players may check test access and download the test package by logging into their account on the game’s official website or checking their email used for registration. Those participating in the PC technical test may chat with others on the game’s Discord group as well.

    Here’s an exact breakdown of the content found in the PC technical test, courtesy of GRYPHLINE: 

    • Operators: Nine total operators for the team to participate in exploration and combat include:
      • Operators introduced as the main storyline progresses: Endministrator, Perlica, Chen Qianyu, Wulfgard, and Fjall
      • Operators that require spending Oroberyls at the Technical Test Temporary Exchange: Ember, Xaihi, Avywenna, and Angelina
    • Areas: Five areas will unlock for exploration as the main storyline progresses including:
      • The Hub Base
      • Valley Pass
      • Quarry
      • Originium Research Park
      • Blight Zone
    • Weapons and Gear: 31 weapons can be acquired with some requiring players to spend Oroberyls at the Technical Test Temporary Exchange.
    • Missions: Various tasks designed specifically for the technical test include story, side, and AIC and faction tasks.
    • AIC: After reaching a certain point in the main storyline, the Protocol Anchor-Core can be repaired in the designated area of the Hub Base and players can unlock the AIC function along with corresponding AIC missions.

    Lastly, Arknights: Endfield is in development for Android, iOS, and PC. 

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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