Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 20 Review – Waging War

    The battle for Stilles gets fierce.

    Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode 20 was action-packed with a focus on the opposing groups of mages instead of Frieren and Fern. Each group is after their certification, but even the smallest mistake can lead to disqualification and death. However, the episode brings into question about whether the mages need to go so far to pass the exam. 

    The episode begins with Übel and Wirbel fighting and sizing each other up. Wirbel takes a more cautious approach and catches her offguard, revealing a magic spell that restrains her if she’s within his eyesight. Übel is surprised by this measure, but she’s also confused since Wirbel is a deadly mage that’s capable of killing when necessary. Wirbel takes time to explain his circumstances to Übel, giving a human side to a mage that can be portrayed as a ruthless monster.

    Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Episode 20 – The Battles Intensify

    Wirbel explains to Übel that he was often on the battlefield against women and children in the far north. This sheds light on a very grim backstory for Wirbel, but Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End episode 20 builds his character as one that overcomes such adversity. The episode also gave some insight into Wirbel’s motivation for fighting demons, as he hopes to fulfill a promise he made to a girl he loved during his childhood. Although Wirbel catches her in the magic spell again, she finds an opening to the spell, distracting him long enough for Fern to save her.

    Fern uses her skills of deception to trick Wirbel into thinking that she killed Ehre, Wirbel’s teammate. Wirbel decided to wave his white flag, since qualifying teams must have three members in order to proceed. This gives Fern and Übel the chance to reunite with Land, who just defeated Scharf with illusion magic. Wirbel is surprised to see that Ehre and Scharf are both still alive, and he reminisces about his past while speaking with the two. Funnily enough, this reunion in defeat was a blessing in disguise, as the trio were able to capture a nearby Stille and advance to the next exam.

    Meanwhile, Denken, Laofen, and Richter confront Frieren, Lawine, and Kanne and gain possession of Frieren’s Stille. Denken reaffirms his intent to incapacitate Frieren’s group without killing them, but Richter wants to be more ruthless and kill one of his three opponents to disqualify them. Denken and Frieren are both in agreement that capable mages shouldn’t need to die so carelessly during the exam. Denken’s respect for Frieren is another reason why he’s hesitant to kill.

    Episode 20 Introduces a Major Character

    Those watching Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End since episode 1 may have caught a mysterious elf being shown in the first OP.  This elf turns out to be Serie, a mysterious elf that appeared long ago and declared herself the head of the Continental Magic Association. She’s essentially a living grimoire, according to Denken. This introduction is rather well-placed, since it serves as foreshadowing for what’s to come in later episodes. 

    Frieren is intrigued by Denken’s explanation of Serie, but it becomes apparent that the talking will soon cease. Denken is an extremely powerful mage, so he decided to take the initiative against Frieren. It’s going to be an explosive battle if episode 20 was an indicator of how powerful all of these mages actually are, so it’s going to be an extremely exciting time for Frieren fans. Overall, episode 20 is a brilliant, can’t miss episode that is jam packed with lore and fight sequences.

    New episodes of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End stream on Fridays via Crunchyroll.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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