Metaphor: ReFantazio Details Story Prologue, World, and Eight Tribes

    A plethora of screenshots revealed.

    SEGA and ATLUS revealed new information about Metaphor: ReFantazio including the story prologue and introduction, the world’s eight tribes, and various concepts. Game director Katsura Hashino also shared a statement regarding the game’s vision. 

    Metaphor: ReFantazio is set in a world where people must fight their own fears and anxiety, since the world itself manifests these elements in reality and fantasy. Magic awakens in those who overcome their own personal obstacles, and “igniters” allow the inhabitants of the United Kingdom of Euchronia to harness their magical powers. A license is required to use an igniter, however. As the story of Metaphor: ReFantazio shows, the protagonist and his companions don’t need an igniter, as they awaken something greater—an Archetype. 

    Metaphor: ReFantazio Story Prologue and World

    In the story of Metaphor: ReFantazio, the protagonist and his fairy companion Gallica embark on a journey to break a curse, which was inflicted on the kingdom’s prince. This curse is broken by taking the life of the person who casted it. While on his journey, the protagonist will face discrimination, since he is a member of the Elda tribe. He will also meet various characters that are facing similar treatment as they attempt to realize the truth of the kingdom. 

    Royal Magic is used to ignite a tournament for the vacant throne following the “assassination” of the prince and heir. The kingdom is in turmoil after the king is assassinated as well. The tournament will determine the new king to end the turmoil, and the protagonist decided to participate alongside his group of allies. 

    The United Kingdom of Euchronia is full of discord with discrimination, inequality, and corruption running rampant. The world is now infested with “Humans,” which are designed based on the work of Hieronymus Bosch, a fantasy artist from the Renaissance 
    era.​ Bosch’s mysterious life seemingly bled into his works, resulting in strange and horrifying creatures in his tales.

    In Metaphor: ReFantazio, Humans are unknown monsters with bizarre forms and indiscriminate attack patterns. They’re able to wield advanced magic despite their berserk tendencies. Their biology and ecology continue to be an enigma to the residents of the The United Kingdom of Euchronia, but two species have been identified. 

    The Homo Gorleo is a Human that annihilated a fortress and its forces in the wastelands north of Royal Capital Grand Trad. The Homo Avades was also spotted. Homo Avades has an incomprehensible body that looks like a cracked eggshell. These extremely strange details appear to be common amongst Humans. 

    The Eight Tribes

    The Eight Tribes of United Kingdom of Euchronia are culturally diverse, but this diversity leads to discrimination and strife due to different ideologies and beliefs. Their future is often determined by their birth. 


    The Clemar Tribe has the largest population of the allied kingdoms, and their most distinctive features are the horns growing from the sides of their head. Clemars are very diverse, however. The Euchronian royal family belong to the Clemar Tribe, so the tribe are viewed with prominence in the kingdom. Clemars enjoy freedom and discussion, but they’re wary due to the conflict discussion may invoke.


    The Roussainte Tribe is the second most populous tribe of the kingdom. Their long pointed ears are their most notable feature. Roussainte also have excellent physiques and martial prowess, with Roussainte women being stronger than most men of opposing tribes. Many work in the military with key offices, and they’re considered as influential as the Clemar Tribe. As a result, Roussainte and Clemar are called the “prevailing tribes. Roussainte take pride in outperforming others in strength, but this leads many to pursue superiority against other tribes. 


    The Rhoag Tribe has members with very long lifespans, with some even living up to twice as long as the average of other tribes. Once they reach adolescence, they spend the remainder of their lives in middle and old age. As a result, Rhoags are often associated with elderly people. Rhoags hold high positions due to their longevity, and they highly value passing down their knowledge. Due to their long lifespans, they can remember favors and grudges for generations. 


    The Ishkia Tribe is recognizable for their avian wings, almond eyes, and long eyelashes. They have the fewest numbers out of the eight tribes, but they have a reputation due to their intelligence and presence in big cities. Many of them are scholars and sanctors, so the Ishkia are also known for being wealthy and regal. Although they are admired, their tendency to speak down on others has caused them to be resented by a number of people as well. 


    The Nidia Tribe are known for their iridescent eyes and hair, and they are gregarious and talented at flattery. However, other tribes believe a Nidia’s demeanor makes them untrustworthy or eccentric to a degree. 


    The Paripus Tribe is recognizable for their bestial ears, tails, and colors for hair and skin. They’re physically gifted and honest with their emotions. Paripus members are drawn to parties and festivities with a lighthearted charm, but this can also be seen as reckless by other tribes. This stereotype prevents them from holding positions in politics due to discrimination from other tribes, despite having a large population like Roussainte and Clemar Tribes.


    The Mustari Tribe is known for possessing a third eye, and many don masks and attire that makes them unsettling to other tribes. They’re population is not low, but Mustari are rare to find in large cities. Most Mustari live in an archipelago in the sea, and their unique faith makes them targets of persecution since they’re classified as pagans. 

    Visionary Statement from Katsura Hashino

    Here’s a message from director Hashino, courtesy of ATLUS:

    “This work was created with the simple message that ‘only by facing our anxieties can we take the first step forward.’ ​

    As long as society continues to be composed of individuals, I want to believe in the dynamism of ‘creation’ that has the power to change someone. While tackling this genre for the first time, I came to realize that perhaps this is the original meaning of ‘fantasy’ — and the reason why so many people have always been intuitively attracted to it. ​

    But I’ll dispense with the philosophical talk for now by pointing out that unifying goal for the entire development team was for the player to have ‘fun, above all else.’ Thank you for your continued support.​

    -ATLUS Studio Zero Creative Director, Katsura Hashino

    Check out our extensive Metaphor: ReFantazio gallery below.

    Metaphor: ReFantazio launches in fall 2024 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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