Hypergryph Announces Global Publishing Brand GRYPHLINE

    Publishing titles like Arknights: Endfield, Ex Astris, and POPUCOM.

    Arknights: Endfield developer Hypergryph announced the establishment of its new global publishing company named GRYPHLINE. Their head offices are in Singapore and they will be publishing three new games under their banner. 

    As the global publishing brand of Hypergryph, GRYPHLINE’s mission statement says that they aim “to bring unique and high-quality gaming experiences to players across the world.” They are primarily based in Singapore, but GRYPHLINE has branch offices in Tokyo and Seoul. 

    GRYPHLINE Reveals More About its Plans for the Future

    In a recent press release, GRYPHLINE officially revealed more about their plans for the future. Their goal is to bring high-quality experiences to gamers around the world. As of now, they’ve only revealed three games under their publishing banner. These games are Arknights: Endfield, Ex Astris, and POPUCOM

    In a statement, GRYPHLINE’s CEO Huang Yifeng said, “We will continue to invest more resources, attract exceptional talents and gain profound insights into global players and cultures. We strive to win the love and trust of global players through continuous innovation and better game quality.”

    Additionally, they say they are “taking steps to offer services from R&D support, localization, marketing to customer service for expanding our global business.” They will likely reveal more details about their publishing lineup and roadmap in the coming months. 

    Here’s an overview of Arknights: Endfield via Hypergryph:

    Endfield inherits the worldview of the Arknights. However, it has its own stories and distinctive characters. The tale of Endfield starts over at a planet called Talos-II, a dangerous place rife with catastrophes and risks. The vast wildlands and uninhabited territories stretching far beyond the colonies of the Habitable Band have yet to be surveyed. As such, players will explore this untamed world with Endfield Industries operators to uncover the mystery unearth secrets hidden within the abandoned ruins.

    Endfield features all-new gameplay mechanics and contents. Endfield allows these players to control a party as they explore Talos-II, complete missions, unlock new story chapters, and take on engaging challenges. The player’s team will also meet different factions and enemies as the story progresses seamlessly. These encounters will offer an epic experience of real-time combat with various tactics.

    Lastly, Arknights: Endfield is in development for Android, iOS, and PC. GRYPHLINE will reveal more about their plans for both it and other games soon.

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