Monster Hunter Now Season ‘Fulminations in the Frost’ Launches December 7

    Returning monsters and fan-favorite weapons.

    Niantic and Capcom announced a new Monster Hunter Now update will launch on December 7 to kick off the season titled “Fulminations in the Frost.” This update will bring more monsters and the popular Lance and Dual Blades weapons.

    With over 10 million downloads worldwide, Monster Hunter Now is already a very successful game in the two months it’s been available. Like Pokémon GOMonster Hunter Now uses AR and location-based technology to let players band together and hunt down monsters in the world. Monster Hunter’s most prominent features such as weapon crafting and the ability to mark monsters. 

    Monster Hunter Now Fulminations in the Frost Season Update

    The Fulminations in the Frost season for Monster Hunter Now will bring monsters that typically thrive in snowy winter environments. Zinogre, Banbaro, Barioth, and Radobaan will make their debut alongside the two small Cortos and Wulg monsters. Moreover, the popular Lance and Dual Blades will be introduces, offering extended reach and close-range capabilities for hunters respectively.

    Niantic will reveal an “exciting new hunting experience” that will bring players together during the holiday season. This feature will be detailed on December 7, the day of the launch of Fulminations in the Frost. Moreover, Niantic confirms that the upcoming update will also include adjustments aimed at rebalancing and enhancing the game. 

    One of the changes that will be made includes an increase to the maximum number of items that players can hold at one time. Balance adjustments will be made to close and long range weapons as well. More details about these in-game changes will be revealed on the official Monster Hunter Now website in mid December.

    Watch the new trailer below, courtesy of Niantic: 

    Lastly, Monster Hunter Now is available now for Android and iOS worldwide. Fans can expect more in-game events to be held in the coming weeks and months, and more announcements will be made soon.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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