Destiny 2 and Witcher Collaboration Announced

    Releasing with Season of the Wish next week.

    Bungie has officially announced a Destiny 2 and Witcher Collaboration. It will be available on November 28 alongside the Season of the Wish update. 

    Destiny 2 is one of the most famous live-service first-person shooters of the last ten years. Several major updates and expansions have been released throughout the game’s six-year lifespan. The last update, The Final Shape, will be released next year. They will likely reveal more information about the expansion before it is released in February 2024. 

    Destiny 2 Witcher Collaboration Details

    On the official Destiny Twitter/X account, Bungie revealed that a Geralt of Rivia themed cosmetic will be coming to Destiny 2 alongside the Season of the Wish update. The new Season will begin on November 28. Check out the official post below:

    Recently, Bungie revealed more information on the Season of the Wish via a new trailer and press release. In the latter, they state:

    During Season of the Wish, launching on November 28, Guardians will return to The Dreaming City where they will discover new activities, gear, and secrets. Season of the Wish is the final Season for Destiny 2 before The Final Shape expansion launches on February 27, 2024, with all-new Episodes to follow.

    Note: However, it’s worth noting that reports suggest the expansion has been delayed to June 2024. As a result, the release date may change soon.

    The new season will include several new costumes (such as the Geralt of Rivia skin), weapons, and more. Additionally, a new Year-6 dungeon will release during Season of the Wish on December 1, 2023 at 9 AM PDT. Further, Bungie will likely reveal more information on the new season in the coming days. 

    About Destiny 2 The Final Shape

    The last major Destiny 2 expansion is The Final Shape. In August, Bungie revealed a trailer and confirmed details about the upcoming release, stating:

    In Destiny 2: The Final Shape, Guardians will confront oblivion in the form of their ultimate adversary –The Witness – alongside their iconic Vanguard companions: Ikora Rey, Commander Zavala, and the mysteriously returned Cayde-6. Players will embark on a perilous journey of remembrance and discovery into the heart of the Traveler, rally the Vanguard, and end the War of Light and Darkness. The story of this final confrontation will be told throughout the course of The Final Shape’s campaign, as well as in the new raid that will launch in March 2024.

    Lastly, Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S

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