Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade Releasing November 21

    A new experience from the world of Jujutsu Kaisen is finally upon us.

    The staff of the upcoming anime mobile game, Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade, have confirmed that the game will release on November 21 in Japan. The game will be available exclusively on mobile devices.

    Gege Akutami initially wrote and published Jujutsu Kaisen in 2018. 24 volumes have been published as of October 2023. The first season of the anime adaptation aired from 2020 to 2021. The second season has been ongoing since July 2023. A 2v2 fighting game titled Jujutsu Kaisen: Cursed Clash will release in February. Earlier in the month, the game’s staff confirmed that Phantom Parade will release in late November. The game is now set to release tomorrow, November 21. 

    Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade Releases Tomorrow

    Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade Screenshot

    In a recent post, the staff of Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade confirmed that the game will release tomorrow, November 21.  Check out the official post below:

    The Google Play page describes the game as follows:

    What is “Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade

    • The world view of “TV anime” and the story of “Jujutsu Kaisen” unique to “games” – Reproduce the story of the anime with a new full voice. In addition, the story drawn from the perspective of various characters is also implemented with full voice.
    • Manipulate spells with your hands and exorcise cursed spirits in battles just like TV anime – A battle unfolding in high quality. Build your own team and exorcise the mighty curse.

    The game features elements similar to both visual novels and RPGs. Additionally, the original anime is available in its entirety on Crunchyroll. A full description of the series is available:

    Yuji Itadori is a boy with tremendous physical strength, though he lives a completely ordinary high school life. One day, to save a classmate who has been attacked by curses, he eats the finger of Ryomen Sukuna, taking the curse into his own soul. From then on, he shares one body with Ryomen Sukuna. Guided by the most powerful of sorcerers, Satoru Gojo, Itadori is admitted to Tokyo Jujutsu High School, an organization that fights the curses… and thus begins the heroic tale of a boy who became a curse to exorcise a curse, a life from which he could never turn back.

    Lastly, Jujutsu Kaisen: Phantom Parade will release on iOS and Android tomorrow, November 21. 

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