Tetris 99 36th Maximus Cup Highlights Super Mario RPG Remake

    Lasts from November 9 to November 13.

    Nintendo has announced that the 36th Maximus Cup for Tetris 99 will focus on the upcoming Super Mario RPG Remake. The event will last from November 9 to November 13 and feature art, music, and designs from the game.

    Nintendo initially released Tetris 99 in 2019. The game is a ninety-nine-player battle royale with the gameplay of Tetris. Past Maximus Cups have featured art and music from Pikmin 4, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe, and more.

    Tetris 99 36th Maximus Cup Details

    Tetris 99 Super Mario RPG

    Nintendo released an official trailer and post on their website confirming the announcement. In the announcement, the company stated the following:

    The next Tetris 99 36th MAXIMUS CUP online event is giving you the opportunity to earn an in-game theme inspired by the Super Mario RPG game. During the event, collect 100 event points by playing matches in Tetris 99 mode to unlock the in-game theme.

    The event will be:

    Nov. 9 (Thur.) 11:00 PM PDT to Nov. 13 (Mon.) 10:59 PM PDT

    Check out the trailer below:

    Additionally, a new point system will be available alongside the new Maximus Cup. The updated points are:

    • 1st place – 100 points
    • 2nd place – 70 points
    • 3rd place – 50 points
    • 4th – 10th place – 40 points
    • 11th – 30th place – 30 points
    • 31st – 50th place – 20 points
    • 51st – 90th place – 10 points
    • 91st – 99th place – 1 points

    About Super Mario RPG Remake

    Super Mario RPG Remake reimagines the classic SNES RPG developed by Nintendo and Square Enix. Here’s an overview of the game from the Nintendo eShop:

    Mario, Bowser, and Peach partner up to repair the wish-granting Star Road in this approachable role-playing adventure

    Team up with an oddball group of heroes to save Star Road and stop the troublemaking Smithy Gang. This colorful RPG has updated graphics and cinematics that add even more charm to the unexpected alliance between Mario, Bowser, Peach, and original characters Mallow and Geno. Enter (or revisit) this world of eccentric allies and offbeat enemies in an RPG for everyone.

    Jump through a colorful world and give attacks some extra oomph in battle!

    Explore the vibrant environments with your party and jump towards your next goal! Run into monsters to enter turn-based battles with your party of three. Press the button at the right time for a satisfying dose of extra damage or helpful guard.

    Lastly, the Super Mario RPG Remake will release on November 11. The upcoming Tetris 99 Maximus Cup will begin this Thursday, November 9.

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