WarioWare: Move It! Launch “WAHmmercial” Trailer Released

    Available now on the Nintendo Switch.

    Nintendo of America has released a launch “Wahmmercial” trailer for WarioWare: Move It!. The game is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

    The newest WarioWare game utilizes the joy-cons in over 200 microgames. Move It! is the second WarioWare game on the console, with 2021’s Get It Together being the first. Nintendo has revealed more details on the game before it launches next week.

    WarioWare: Move It! Wahmmercial

    WarioWare: Move It! Screenshot

    The launch trailer for WarioWare: Move It presents the many microgames through the guise of an infomercial. The preview showcases some of the microgames, like having to unclog a toilet or maintain eye contact with a figure straight out of an anime. Check out the infomercial below:

    Here’s an overview of the new WarioWare game via the Nintendo eShop:

    About WarioWare: Move It

    Strike a pose with a multitude of motion-based microgames in a brand-new entry in the WarioWare series!

    Grab a pair of Joy-Con™ controllers and get moving as you gently shake, punch, dance, wiggle, and even curtsey through over 200 lightning-fast microgames (minigames that last just a few hilarious seconds). Chop bamboo, break out of jail, return a curtsey, and more as you master some really ridiculous moves.

    The secret to these madcap minigames is perfecting your form. Some of these will require some…um…unique movements! Help Wario complete a series of lightning-fast microgames to escape the Woods Watchers!

    You can play Story Mode with a pair of Joy-Con controllers or a second player* can join in some couch co-op fun with another set of Joy-Con controllers. Up to 4 players, each with one Joy-Con controller, can laugh out loud in the local Party MMode’sminigames, like a board game with Wario-style rules!

    Lastly, WarioWare: Move It! is available now. The game is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch for $59.99 in both physical and digital markets.

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