Exoprimal and Monster Hunter Collaboration Begins January 2024

    Free weekend starting today until November 6.

    Capcom has released the first trailer for the upcoming EXOPRIMAL and Monster Hunter collaboration. The collaboration will be available with EXOPRIMAL’s third title update on January 18. Additionally, Capcom also announced that a free trial will be available from today to November 6.

    Exoprimal is an online cooperative shooter where players take on groups of dinosaurs in massive hordes. Capcom released the game on July 14. Last month, they released a collaboration dedicated to Street Fighter 6. Capcom will reveal more information on Exoprimal’s future updates in the coming weeks and months.

    Exoprimal x Monster Hunter Trailer Revealed

    Exoprimal Rathalos

    In a recent press release, Capcom confirmed details about Exoprimal’s third title update:

    The Exoprimal x Monster Hunter collaboration includes a ferocious new mission where Leviathan conjures a Rathalos and swarms of Velociprey for a combat test unlike any other. Exofighters must join forces in the Spacetime Abyss and hunt as a team to survive against the iconic fire-breathing “King of the Skies” in a 10-player co-op boss battle.

    The crossover also features a variety of special Monster Hunter cosmetic sets*, which include:

    • Rathalos armor skin (Murasame)
    • Kirin armor skin (Skywave)
    • Nergigante armor skin (Barrage)
    • Rajang monster skin (Roadblock)

    Alongside the Monster Hunter collaboration, Exoprimal Season 3 will introduce an additional boss encounter with the arrival of the Neo Triceratops, four new Beta variant Exosuits, the Jungle map, plus new rigs, modules, and more. Today’s dinosaur forecast also teased Season 4 content, including a 10-player co-op challenge mode called “Time Loop Rebellion.” An additional “Custom Match” mode is also on the way in Season 4, which will allow players to send invites to friends across platforms, play through the story together, and enjoy the wargames with their favorite settings.

    Check out the trailer for the update below:

    Lastly, Exoprimal is available now on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A free trial is available now on Steam until Monday, November 6 at 9:00 AM PDT. Starting today, the game is available for 35% off on Xbox and PC. The base game is available for $38.99 USD, while the Deluxe Edition can be purchased for $45.39.

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