Nitroplus Announces New Game Dolls Nest

    The game will be available on PC via Steam.

    Nitroplus and CG studio NITRO ARTS have announced a new game they have in development titled Dolls Nest. The upcoming game will be available on PC via Steam. The developers have not announced a release date, but more details have been revealed.

    Nitroplus has worked on several visual novels over the years. These include both the Steins;Gate and Chaos;Head/Chaos;Child franchise. Information about Dolls Nest‘s gameplay and story are currently unknown. Nitroplus and NITRO ARTS will likely confirm more details in the coming months.

    Dolls Nest Details

    On October 31, Nitroplus released a trailer for their newest upcoming game, Dolls Nest. Little information about the game’s genre, story, or characters were revealed. What has been revealed is a teaser trailer and the fact that the game will be available on PC via Steam. It is likely, given Nitroplus’ track record, that the game could be a new visual novel.

    NITRO ARTS is in charge of original planning and graphics development for Dolls Nest, whereas Nitroplus is handling production. Takaki Kosaka, Nitro Plus president, notes that on Twitter that the upcoming game is the first genuine in-house Nitro Plus game in quite a while. As a result, the development staff is giving their all to develop the new game. Further details about the game’s story, characters, gameplay, and genre were not announced (Thanks, Gematsu).

    Check out the trailer below:

    Once more, Nitroplus is most recognized for its work on Steins;Gate, a highly popular title from the Science Adventure series by MAGES. This series includes ANONYMOUS;CODE, which released on September 8 in the west as the latest Science Adventure entry. A new Steins; title (Steins;???) has been planned/in the works for years now, and a previous tease hints toward some sort of announcement for the Steins;Gate 15th anniversary.

    Lastly, Dolls Nest will be available sometime in the next few years on PC via Steam.

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