SNK Announces New ‘SNK Universe Project’ To Increase IP Appeal

    SNK anime, manga, and movies coming soon?

    SNK have announced SNK Universe Project, a new initiative to develop various forms of content and entertainment to increase the worldwide IP appeal. One of the first projects for this new endeavor from SNK is a “revamp” of The King of Fighters.

    Hinako Shijo is the final The King of Fighters XV Season 2 DLC character, and SNK is developing the exciting new Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves fighting game. SNK appears to be testing the waters for something brand-new with SNK Universe Project that will expand in manga, anime, film, and music.

    SNK Universe Project Begins at NYCC 2023

    In a new press release, SNK reveals the SNK Universe Project will help the company branch out of traditional fighting games and into different entertainment mediums, such as anime and movies. One of the main goals of this endeavor includes garnering more worldwide appeal for SNK and its IPs like The King of Fighters

    “This project aims to increase global awareness (as well as player consumption and enjoyment) of SNK’s numerous IPs—including series such as The King of Fighters (KOF), Fatal Fury, and Samurai Shodown—by diversifying them across various forms of entertainment,” SNK said in the press release. “SNK will branch out from the fighting game genre for which it is so well known, and even traverse entertainment mediums entirely by entering the worlds of manga, anime, film, and music (among others).”

    The SNK Universe Project will begin with a joint exhibition with Shueisha XR at New York Comic Con 2023, which takes place from October 12 to 15. A special MANGA DIVE movie will be shown that details the new project. SNK promises to “deliver full-fledged immersive experience that explores the unique world (and history) of KOF” with the styling of manga as well. 

    SNK also confirms that the “KOF Revamp” project is now underway as the first of many projects. This may be referring to the special movie being shown at NYCC 2023, however. The company will likely share more details at a later date.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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