Persona 3 Reload Lets Players Brush and Pet Koromaru

    Yes, you can pet the dog!

    The September 29 full moon is here, which means ATLUS have brought more Persona 3 Reload news to share with fans. In Persona 3 Reload, players will be able to brush and pet Koromaru while roaming the Iwatodai dorm. 

    Persona 3 Reload is a remake of the original Persona 3 with a wealth of new content and features. These new additions include Link Episodes, additional Strega scenes, new battle outfits for S.E.E.S., a new English voice cast, and so much more. This time around, players will be able to spend quality time with Koromaru while freeing up enough time for other Social Links. 

    Brush and Pet Koromaru in Persona 3 Reload 

    Leading into Tokyo Game Show 2023, ATLUS shared a ton of information regarding Persona 3 Reload, so the full moon reveal was expected to be a light. However, this full moon reveal is one of the best yet since fans get a glimpse into the Iwatodai dorm. While at the dorm, Persona 3 Reload players may pet Koromaru to make him happy. In addition, players may groom and brush his hair. 

    Watch the new gameplay clip below, via ATLUS’ official Twitter account.

    The next full moon will occur on October 28, so more information about Persona 3 Reload will likely come on that day. Typically, new trailers and gameplay are shown on each full moon. ATLUS plans on revealing more information about the game leading into the release on February 2 next year.

    Pre-orders for Persona 3 Reload are available right now. The standard edition of Persona 3 Reload costs $69.99. A Digital Deluxe Edition will be sold at $79.99 featuring the digital game, the Persona 4 Golden BGM Set, a digital artbook, and digital soundtrack. In addition, the Digital Premium Edition will be sold at $99.99 featuring Digital Deluxe Edition contents and the DLC Pack Voucher.

    Lastly, Persona 3 Reload releases February 2, 2024 across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and Windows.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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