Hollow Knight: Silksong Receives New Updated Assets on Steam

    Is the wait finally over?

    Over the past few days, Hollow Knight: Silksong has received several updated assets on Steam for the first time since January 2023. The game’s release date is currently unknown.

    Team Cherry initially announced Hollow Knight: Silksong in 2019. Over the years, the game has received minimal details and several delays. The last update from the developers was earlier this year when they stated that Hollow Knight: Silksong would release “after the first half of 2023.” With the recent Steam update, many fans hope that a new update of the long-anticipated Metroidvania sequel is imminent.

    Hollow Knight: Silksong New Assets

    Hollow Knight: Silksong Screenshot

    From September 21 to 23, Hollow Knight: Silksong has gotten several new assets on the official Steam store page. While most of the exact updates are unknown, one is a correction of the game’s thumbnail. Team Cherry has not yet offered any clarification on the new assets. With their last update on Silksong being in May, however, it stands to reason that new news for the upcoming title is imminent.

    On the store page, the game is described as follows:

    Become the Princess Knight

    Play as Hornet, princess-protector of Hallownest, and adventure through a whole new kingdom ruled by silk and song! Captured and brought to this unfamiliar world, Hornet must battle foes and solve mysteries as she ascends on a deadly pilgrimage to the kingdom’s peak.

    Hollow Knight: Silksong is the epic sequel to Hollow Knight, the award-winning action-adventure. As the lethal hunter Hornet, journey to all-new lands, discover new powers, battle vast hordes of bugs and beasts and uncover ancient secrets tied to your nature and your past.

    Lastly, Hollow Knight: Silksong‘s release date is currently unknown. The developers have confirmed that the game will be available on the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam. It will also be available through the Xbox Game Pass service.

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