New Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Key Visual with Tifa & Aerith Spotted

    Tonight, a new key visual for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was released featuring Tifa and Aerith. This mirrors the original key visual of the game, where Cloud and Zack stand on either side of Sephiroth. This was posted by ShinraArch and was originally spotted in the Tokyo Game Show 2023 merchandise list.

    Below, you can take a look at the first key visual for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth compared to the new visual seen tonight.

    What could this possibly imply? Multiple things, of course. However, we’ll have to wait for more trailer and the release date for the true picture. 

    When Is the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Release Date?

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. The game will not come to other platforms for some time after launch. 

    Should You Play Final Fantasy VII Remake Before Rebirth?

    Yes, you should play Final Fantasy VII Remake before trying this new title. While Square Enix claims you can play it standalone, you should not. 2020’s FF7R features critical points of the story as well as introductions to characters. So, unless you want to be blindsided by 30 hours of character interactions, you should play Remake before Rebirth

    Can You Pre-Order Final Fantasy VII Rebirth?

    Yes, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth can now be pre-ordered! Check out our pre-order guide for all the details and links you need to secure a copy.

    Where Will Final Fantasy VII Rebirth End?

    Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will depict events up to The Forgotten Capital. Again, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch for PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024. The game is exclusive for three months until May 29, 2024. It can head to other platforms after this point.

    We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the information revealed during Square Enix’s Tokyo Game Show 2023 presentation this weekend. Stay tuned here at Final Weapon!

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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