BREAKERS: Unlock the World Gets a New Teaser Trailer

    Playable at Tokyo Game Show 2023.

    Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King developer Vic Game Studios released a new trailer for its upcoming mobile RPG, BREAKERS: Unlock the World. This new title will be coming to PC alongside Android and iOS, and Tokyo Game Show 2023 attendees may participate in the game’s first hands-on experience on the show floor. 

    BREAKERS: Unlock the World is a mysterious new “animation” RPG that was revealed just a week before the start of TGS 2023. A brief teaser trailer was shown, but Vic Game Studios did not share any more details regarding the game’s story until today.

    The Second BREAKERS: Unlock the World Teaser Trailer

    Alongside the second teaser trailer, Vic Game Studios revealed more details about the game’s world and story. In BREAKERS: Unlock the World, the continent of Seraphia has been torn apart by angels. Treasures from the angels fell onto the continent, giving humans enough power to change the world. These humans are now known as Breakers.

    Here’s a story synopsis for the upcoming mobile RPG, via Gematsu:

    The story is set in Seraphia, a continent torn apart by a conflict between angels.

    As a result of this division, the angels’ treasure “Eyes of the Angel,” which holds strong power, is broken to pieces and scattered across the continent.

    In the lands where the fragments fell, unnatural monsters appeared. At the same time, those fragments can grant a human power strong enough to change the world. Because of this, unprecedented chaos and prosperity enveloped the continent.

    The continent branched off into independently developed regions, from industrial cities to nature-filled woodlands and polluted ruins.

    Dangerous magical pollution severed the connections between each land, and although intercontinental traffic ceased for a while, adventurers who travel the world in unique “airships” eventually appeared. And just like that, they were known as “Breakers,” adventurers who break the boundaries of the world.

    Breakers have one purpose: to reach the Library of God, a place of legend said to have never been reached, where all knowledge before the division is accumulated.

    To achieve their desires and ideals, and each with their own goals in mind, the adventure of the Breakers who aim to reach the Library of God begins.

    Watch the announcement trailer below.

    Teaser Trailer

    Vic Game Studios will exhibit the new title with a playable demo at its official booth. Attendees that play the demo will also receive physical merchandise as a reward. More information about the game will be revealed on the official @BREAKERS_japan and @BREAKERS_korea X (Twitter) accounts.

    Finally, Tokyo Game Show 2023 will be active from September 21 to 24 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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