New Valve Hardware Device Receives Radio Certification in South Korea

    What could this be?

    Today, a new hardware device certification was spotted for Valve in South Korea. The device has been given the code ‘1030’, following ‘1007’ for the Valve Index and ‘1010’ for the Steam Deck. 

    There has been no tease or rumors as to what this device could be, so we’re quite in the dark here. There are plenty of possibilities for what this could be. Valve has proven that they are always innovating and creating new products behind the scenes in recent years. 

    New Valve Hardware Receives Certification from South Korea

    There’s no way to tell what this device could be, as it has the same description as the Index and Steam Deck. This also goes for the Meta Quest 3. Whatever the case may be, these certifications are generally given a few months before the reveal of a product. It is likely that we will see whatever device this is before the end of the year.

    The company most recently launched two pieces of hardware: the Valve Index and the Valve Steam Deck. The Index is Valve’s premier VR headset system for PC. The Steam Deck is a mobile standalone handheld PC that allows users to download and play any game from their Steam library on the go. 

    About Valve

    Valve is known for some of the biggest titles to ever release, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, Left 4 Dead, and the Half-Life & Portal series. The company also created Steam, the premier PC storefront. Over 20 million players are on the platform at any given time, with millions actively playing daily.

    We’ll be sure to keep you updated on when or if this brand-new hardware gets revealed in the coming months. Be sure to let us know on Twitter what you think this could be, whether a new VR headset or even a new handheld device!

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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