Samurai Bringer Sequel Metal Bringer Releases in 2024

    Exclusively on Steam for now.

    PLAYISM and Alphawing has announced that Metal Bringer, a sequel to the 2022 Samurai Bringer game, will release in 2024. The game will be available exclusively on Steam.

    Samurai Bringer is a rogue-lite Japanese action game. Metal Bringer will feature similar gameplay mechanics but with a completely new aesthetic. Alongside the reveal, Alphawing revealed further information on what to expect from the upcoming release.

    Metal Bringer Details

    A screenshot of Metal Bringer

    The game will allow you to control humanoid “Labor” soldiers to pilot giant mechs called “Arms.” Every mech you work on is highly customizable. You can change color, swap out parts, etc. Further, the more you play, the stronger you get. As you play the game, you can collect disks that strengthen your character and power up your attacks.

    Unlike Samurai Bringer, the game implements a real-time pixel art-generating system and utilizes raytracing. The game also includes a dynamic soundtrack. Additionally, a demo of Metal Bringer will be playable at Pax 2023. Here’s a more in-depth overview of the game’s story via the Steam page:

    About Metal Bringer

    The Story

    The sky is blue, infinitely high, and infinitely vast…Whose words were these again…?
    Ah, I remember… It was about a virtual reality Rudra told me about.
    A fairy tale.
    How many years has it been since humanity took refuge underground?
    No one alive has ever seen a blue sky.
    And now, I’m trapped in the depths, in a small, lifeless room.
    Just how long have I been here…?

    A young girl named Suria wakes up in a laboratory and finds out that she has been put in cryosleep for 1000 years without her knowledge.

    In order to search for the rest of humanity, she builds Labor with her trusty Buds, and sends them off to investigate…

    Check out the official trailer below:

    Lastly, Metal Bringer will release in 2024 on Steam. Alphawing will likely reveal more information on the game’s official release date in the coming months.

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