BLUELOCK Episode Nagi Teaser Visual and Trailer Revealed

    A sneak peek into the new film starring Nagi Seishiro.

    BLUELOCK was one of the top anime airing in fall 2022 alongside Chainsaw Man, and Season 2 and BLUELOCK Episode Nagi were quickly announced after the first season’s success. More details about the upcoming anime movie have been revealed, including a new teaser visual.

    BLUELOCK returns in spring 2024 with the new BLUELOCK Episode Nagi anime movie. The studio behind BLUELOCK Season 1, Eight Bit, will be in charge of bringing the movie to life in theaters next year. This particular studio also produced the hit anime The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

    BLUELOCK Episode Nagi Unveils Teaser Visual and Trailer

    The official website for the BLUELOCK Episode Nagi anime film receives a major update featuring a new teaser trailer and key visual. The key visual depict Nagi Seishiro and Reo Mikage, two central characters for the upcoming film. Shunsuke Ishikawa is leading the new film at Eight Bit alongside supervisor Muneyuki Kaneshiro and co-director Kota Sannomiya.

    As the title of the movie suggests, the movie will be all about Nagi Seishiro, the genius BLUELOCK participant and a fan-favorite character. Nagi had only been playing football for a few months before being invited to BLUELOCK. The movie will revolve around the life of the prodigy before BLUELOCK and his  of football. Reo Mikage, another participant of BLUELOCK and the best friend of Nagi, will also appear in the movie. Reo was the one who introduced Nagi to football, so the new teaser visual represents both characters.

    Watch the official teaser teaser for BLUELOCK Episode Nagi below alongside the new key visual:

    Teaser Trailer

    BLUELOCK Episode Nagi teaser visual
    Teaser visual

    BLUELOCK is one of the most popular manga and anime in recent years, dominating both sales and reviews with a MAL rating of 8.3. Both the second season and the movie have great anticipation behind them. There’s no doubt that it will also be one of 2024’s top anime.

    Lastly, the first season of BLUELOCK is currently available to stream now on Crunchyroll.

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