Pikmin 4 Sales Top 400,000 Copies in Japan Within First Week

    A series record!

    Famitsu has revealed that Pikmin 4 sales have topped 400,000 copies in the game’s first week. The statistic only applies to Japan and physical copies. Despite that, it still marks it as the best-selling Pikmin game ever.

    Nintendo released Pikmin 4 on the Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2023. It marks the first new Pikmin game in nearly ten years and features several exciting new mechanics that make it the definitive Pikmin experience.

    Pikmin 4 Sales Reach an Impressive Milestone

    Between July 14 and July 21, Pikmin 4 sold 401,853 copies in Japan. Not only does that make it the most successful Pikmin launch of all time, but it’s also topped the massive sales numbers that Final Fantasy XVI has reached. While Pikmin 4 has not yet reached the heights of such games as Resident Evil 4, it’s still an incredible milestone for a franchise Nintendo has kept on the back burner for almost a decade.

    The official description of the game on the Nintendo eShop is as follows:

    “On a peculiar far away planet, a group of space travelers are stranded and awaiting rescue. Are you the right rescuer for the job? Pick up their SOS signals and explore an uncharted world inhabited by a curious crop of creatures. Thankfully, some of them are friends, not foes! Meet the Pikmin – these spirited helpers might be small in stature, but boast strength in numbers. Grow, gather and guide them to tackle tasks big and small. Explore, hunt for treasure in vast open areas, battle wild critters, solve puzzles and rescue the stranded travelers together.”

    Pikmin 4 Available Now

    Pikmin 4 is available now exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the series can also look forward to the physical release of Pikmin 1+2, which is scheduled for this September. Pre-orders are available now from select retailers.

    For those unsure if the game is worth the money, check out the free demo on the Nintendo eShop. Stay tuned for more information from Nintendo about the future of Pikmin 4 and the rest of the Pikmin franchise.

    Saras Rajpal
    Saras Rajpal
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