The Irregular at Magic High School Sequel Anime Airing in 2024

    A continuation after six years.

    The anime production staff of The Irregular at Magic High School have officially announced a sequel anime series will air in 2024. They also revealed an official trailer and critical visuals alongside the announcement.

    Madhouse Studio released the anime for The Irregular at Magic High School anime in 2014. A second season, The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc, released later that year. Three years later, The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars released in 2017. The sequel anime will mark the first continuation of the series in almost six years.

    The Irregular at Magic High School Sequel

    Irregular at Magic High School Key Art

    Animation director Jimmy Stone, who worked on prior seasons as episode director, key animator, and mechanical designer, will take the role of series director. Moreover, Taku Iwasaki will be composing the soundtrack according to Anime News Network. 8-bit will be returning as lead animators for the series. The studio is known for its work on The Slime Diaries: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. The returning cast includes:

    • Saori Hayami – Miyuki Shiba
    • Yūichi Nakamura – Tatsuya Shiba
    • Kiyuno Yasuno – Minami Sakurai

    Tsutomu Sato originally published the series on the internet in 2008. It lasted until 2011 and received several manga adaptations. Crunchyroll describes the anime as follows:

    Based on the light novel by Tsutomu Sato, The Irregular at Magic High School is set in a world where magic exists but instead of using chants and spells, magic users cast spells with their Casting Assistant Device (CAD). The CAD is infused with the user’s Psions (a substance-less thought particle) that activates the device and constructs the magic ritual.

    The Irregular at Magic High School sequel will release in 2024. Currently, seasons 1, 2, and the movie are available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and Funimation. Stay tuned for more information about The Irregular at Magic High School’s sequel before its release.

    Official Trailer

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