Shueisha Games Reveals ‘Anime Fantasy Survival-Crafting’ RPG Project Survival

    Explore a vast unknown world with friends.

    During BitSummit Let’s Go!!, Shueisha Games and developer Magnus Games Studio announced Project Survival (working title), a new “anime fantasy survival-crafting” RPG. The game is coming to multiple platforms, and PC (Steam) is the only confirmed platform thus far. Moreover, a release date was not announced yet, but several details were shared. 

    In Project Survival, players may explore an vast open world solo or with friends. Players may tame monsters, build a home, and slowly adapt to a new world. Each of the planet’s creatures may form a bond with the player and become loyal companions. Additionally, resources may be procured to help craft valuable gear and weapons for exploration and battle. With enough resources and know-how, players may build settlements and forge alliances in order to survive. 

    Here’s an overview of Project Survival and the latest trailer, via Shueisha Games:

    About Project Survival

    Explore a Vast and Beautiful World

    Immerse yourself in a visually breathtaking world, filled with lush forests, towering mountains, frozen peaks, and mysterious ruins. Each corner of the realm holds secrets waiting to be uncovered, urging you to embark on daring expeditions to discover its hidden wonders.

    Interact with and Tame Unique Creatures

    Forge a deep connection with the planet’s indigenous creatures, forming unique bonds and turning them into loyal companions. Each creature possesses distinct traits, abilities, and behaviors that can aid you in your survival journey. Approach them cautiously, learn their patterns, and use your skills to tame and train them as companions or mounts.

    Survive against Perilous Wilds

    Beware of the planet’s motley inhabitants, ranging from colossal beasts to cunning predators. Engage in heart-pounding battles against these formidable foes, utilizing your tactical prowess and the abilities of your trusted companions to overcome the toughest challenges. Each encounter will test your survival skills, forcing you to adapt your strategies and learn from your mistakes.

    Build Bases and Establish Settlements

    Plan, build, and fortify your own bases and settlements to establish a safe haven amidst the treacherous wilderness. Gather resources, construct structures, and customize your surroundings to suit your playstyle. Collaborate with other players to create thriving communities or choose to forge your path as a lone survivor.

    Master the Art of Crafting

    Harness the planet’s abundant resources to craft powerful weapons, sturdy armor, and essential survival tools. Unlock intricate recipes and experiment with various combinations to create unique gear that enhances your abilities. Constantly improve your crafting skills to gain an edge over the harsh environment and dangerous creatures that roam the land.

    Compete for Valuable Resources

    Survival in this new world comes at a cost. Engage in intense competitions and strategic encounters with other players as you vie for valuable resources spread across the map. Form alliances to dominate resource-rich territories or engage in fierce battles to claim what’s rightfully yours. The survival of the fittest is the rule of the land.
    Forge your destiny in the new realm as you navigate a vast, dangerous, and captivating world. Will you rise from the ashes of your old world and thrive in this new frontier, or succumb to the perils that lie ahead? The choice is yours.

    Announcement Trailer

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