Resident Evil 4 DLC – Release Date, Everything We Know

    What comes next for Resident Evil 4?

    Out of all the games released this year, few have reached the same level of critical acclaim as Resident Evil 4. Released in March of 2023, the remake of one of the franchise’s best games saw several 10/10s across the board. The original game’s Mercenaries mode was released as a free update not long after release. Since then, fans have been curious about one thing: will Resident Evil 4 get DLC?

    What DLC Could Resident Evil 4 Possibly Get?

    Resident Evil 4 Separate Ways

    Some people may be wondering what sort of DLC could a remake of an almost twenty-year-old game get. For one, there’s a fair amount of content that was in the original game that was missing from the remake. Namely, two extra campaigns featuring a fan-favorite character, Ada Wong. Separate Ways and Assignment: Ada were campaigns that allowed you to play as the titular character in her own separate story that either ran in tandem with the main story or were seemingly non-canon stories that the player got to experience.

    Considering the number of extra scenes given to Ada in the remake, it seems like a no-brainer to reimplement the expansions back into the remake. There’s evidence to support this, too: data-miners found something called “anotherorder” within the game’s files. Another Order was an alternate name for the Separate Ways campaign.

    Data miners also found additional characters for the Mercenaries mode that weren’t included in the main game. Namely the aforementioned Ada Wong, as well as series antagonist Albert Wesker.

    When Will Resident Evil 4 DLC Come Out?

    While there is evidence to support the release of the fact that Resident Evil 4 will get DLC, it’s almost impossible to tell when it will come out. Capcom hasn’t confirmed any official expansions to Resident Evil 4 at the time of writing. The only expansion we know about is the upcoming Playstation VR2 mode for Resident Evil 4, which will be released sometime in the next year or so. Perhaps Separate Ways, Assignment: Ada and a potential Mercenaries expansion could release with that. But that remains to be seen. But considering Capcom’s post-launch content for Resident Evil Village and even Resident Evil 2 Remake, a new expansion for their biggest Resident Evil remake to date seems like a no-brainer.

    Stay tuned to Final Weapon for more news on what comes next for Resident Evil 4!

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