Ys X: Nordics Reveals ‘Adol Christin’ Edition, New Characters, and More

    A plethora of new details unveiled.

    Nihon Falcom released several new details about Ys X: Nordics including new characters, seafaring, and naval combat. The developer also shared the first commercial for Ys X: Nordics alongside new gameplay footage. 

    Alongside the standard edition, the Ys X: Nordics “Adol Christin Edition” will be available on launch day. Adol Christin Edition contents include the physical copy, original soundtrack mini, “Legendary Cleria Armor” DLC from Ys II, original logo pin, a visual card set, and an original crossbody sling bag. All first-print copies of Ys X: Nordics include the bonus “The One Enhanced by Pikkards” DLC. This bonus DLC includes Pikkard Suits and Pikkard Slings for Adol and Karja.

    The Sandras and Naval Combat

    In Ys X: Nordics, players may sail the Obelia Bay on the Sandras, a large vessel that will support Adol’s crew. Information gathered in town and nautical chart will lead Adol through the expansive Obelia Bay. This ship will allow Adol and Karja to sail to uncharted islands and battle enemy ships. Players will control the ship with the left stick, and the Mana Sail ability may be used to hasten sailing for a limited time. The Mana Barrier ability is also available, allowing Adol to shield the ship from enemy attacks for a limited time. 

    Adol may need to face immortal Griegers while sailing in Obelia Bay. Fortunately, the ship is equipped with cannons and various types of artillery rounds. Iron Cannon is standard ammo, Rapid Shells are high burst and accuracy rounds, and Flame Balls cause major explosions. Not all ships are hostile, however. Adol may sail toward merchant ships to buy items or trade. Some merchant ships are fake, so players must be cautious while approaching a potentially friendly ship. 

    Strong enemy ships may be boarded after its durability is depleted. Adol and Karja may take down the rest of the Grieger crew and secure treasure and items from the ship. Players may upgrade their ship parameters over the course of the game with their newly acquired gold. These parameters include attack power, durability, maneuverability, and the Mana Sail ability. Moreover, players may equip new weapons for the Sandras.

    Four Supporting Characters in Ys X: Nordics

    Adol and Karja will meet four supporting characters throughout the course of the game. Leif Yvelise is a 17-year-old boy and the childhood friend of Glen and Cruz. Leif is friends with Mirabel Asarad, a 21-year-old Karnack nurse that befriends Karja. Adol will also meet Lila, a mysterious woman that gives him the power of Mana and prophecies through a strange conch shell. Even stranger, Adol will meet a strange old man that has forgotten his own name. The old man will teach Adol how to use Mana and prepare for battle. 

    Here’s an overview of the new supporting characters, via Gematsu:

    Leif Yvelise (voiced by Wataru Hatano)

    • Age: 17

    “It’s okay, Glen. You were born an idiot.”

    Ys X: Nordics

    A boy who commutes out of town rather than working near his home in Karnack. He is a childhood friend of Glen and Cruz. While he often acts like a teenager, joking around with Glen and Rosalind and teasing each other, there are times when he unexpectedly shows his mature side. He seems to avoid any contact with his family when he returns to his hometown, and even does not seem to go near their house.

    Mirabel Asarad (voiced by Kana Asumi)

    • Age: 21

    “All right, that’s enough. If you’re going to fight, be more like boys and do it with more energy.”

    Ys X: Nordics

    A nurse who works at her father’s clinic in Karnack. She is cheerful and good-natured, but also is very courageous, as she was able to naturally speak with Karja, the Pirate Princess. Glen and others are indebted to her, as she took care of them since childhood, and so she is someone they can never go against. She understands them well, and watches over their growth.

    Lila (voiced by Shion Wakayama)

    • Age: ??

    “Swordsman… I give you… the great power of Mana…”

    Ys X: Nordics

    A mysterious woman who gives Adol the power of Mana and prophecies, through a strange conch shell that Adol picked up on the beaches of Karnack. According to her, she is somewhere in Obelia Bay, and asks Adol for help.

    Nameless Old Man (voiced by Shigeru Chiba)

    • Age: ??

    “I have forgotten everything. I can’t remember my name… or even what I was waiting here for.”

    Ys X: Nordics

    A large old man who lives alone in a small hut, while tending a field in some small island. When Adol comes to his island, the old man teaches him how to use Mana and how to prepare for battle. However, he has forgotten everything about himself, including his name.

    The new Ys X: Nordics gameplay footage and commercial may be viewed below:

    Gameplay Footage by Dengeki Online


    Lastly, Ys X: Nordics launches on September 28 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 in Japan.

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