PlayStation Showcase Reveals Remote Play Handheld and More

    A new way to experience your PS5 games.

    Today’s Playstation Showcase gave players a sneak peek at a PlayStation 5 remote-play handheld. The device is being referred to internally as Project Q, but it otherwise does not have an official name as of writing. This handheld will be dedicated to streaming games from your PS5, and will almost certainly not play games natively. In addition, players also got a sneak peek at new wireless PlayStation earbuds that promise to deliver a next-gen audio experience.

    What exactly is Project Q?

    While details are sparse at the moment, this PlayStation remote-play handheld doesn’t seem to be holding many surprises. Essentially, Project Q seems to be a DualSense controller with a display shoved in the center. So, if you were hoping for a successor to the PlayStation Vita or a Nintendo Switch competitor, it’s time to get those hopes down. All this is meant to provide is an easy way to play your PS5 games away from your television.

    The handheld remote-play device will support all the features of a normal DualSense controller. So, there is no need to worry about losing part of the console experience. Games will be streamed from your PS5 to the handheld via a Wi-Fi connection. The device will also contain an HD display which should give more than acceptable image quality while playing. 

    Meanwhile, Sony claims the earbuds will use new wireless technology to deliver low-latency, lossless audio. These earbuds will be able to be used on PC in addition to PlayStation 5. While we don’t know when either of these accessories are releasing, we are getting more details in the coming months. It will be interesting to see the exact specifications of these devices. 

    For more updates on these accessories, be sure to keep your eye on Final Weapon! We also have plenty of more coverage of the PlayStation Showcase in case you missed anything. 

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