PlayStation 5 Investment in Live Service to Reach 60% in Total for FY25

    All the live service you could ever want.

    In tonight’s financial report, Sony revealed plenty of interesting information for the future of PlayStation. One of these metrics was a slide on PlayStation 5 investment by business model, one of which was live service. 

    The bar graph shows that the estimate for Fiscal Year 2025 is a split of 60% investment in live service and 40% traditional. While we’re not too sure what traditional is exactly made of, we’d expect standard games that aren’t live service, regardless of genre.

    Initially, a number like this can be quite concerning. In Fiscal Year 2023, Sony pledged 55% investment to live service games and 45% to traditional investment. So, this increase for FY25 is only a 5% increase. 

    PlayStation 5 Investment

    This still isn’t something to look fondly at, especially considering how live service games have been continuously cut and fallen in recent years. We’ll just have to wait and see how PlayStation 5 live service games turn out from Sony. The company is looking to release two or more major titles a year, which does include live service games.

    This will be driven by their dedicated user base, especially those subscribed to their online subscription service PlayStation Plus. Tonight, it was also revealed that 30% of their subscribers are currently subscribed to one of the higher tiers, Extra or Premium

    Multiple PlayStation brands that are a part of the PlayStation Studios umbrella are working solely on live service properties. These properties include Destiny 2, MLB The Show, and unannounced titles from Haven, Naughty Dog, Firewalk Studios, and Guerrilla Games.

    In other news, it was revealed that the PlayStation VR 2 headset has outpaced the PlayStation VR in its first six weeks on the market. This comes after multiple reports that sales of the headset were not high and disappointing. While this is a somewhat-promising start for the virtual reality device, it will be interesting to follow it in the coming years, especially from a software standpoint.

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    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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