Puzzle-Solving 2D Adventure Game In His Time is Coming to Switch and Steam

    Launching first for Steam.

    Kodansha and developer Yona announced puzzle-solving 2D adventure game In His Time is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. The Steam version launches first on October 3, and the Nintendo Switch version launches in December 2023.

    Here’s an overview of In His Time via the official Steam page:

    About In His Time

    This is the debut work of indie game creator Yona, whose theme is “A Story of Love and Forgiveness,” a story of forgiveness and hope presented by a creator who grew up in a pastoral family in Japan, where the Christian population is small.

    Backed by his background of being a Christian and raised in a pastor’s family, which is rare in Japan, his firm worldview and message create a unique charm that is not found in other works.

    Please enjoy the cute character design reminiscent of a shadow play and the high-quality music that flows according to the scene.

    Then, relive the story of the main character, Olly, while enjoying solving puzzles with moderate difficulty, and bring tears to your eyes.

    The storyteller heard his faint voice. No one is left out of God’s perfect plan.

    School, friends, father, mother… Everything corners the boy Olly. Days when anxiety and loneliness swallow him. However, one day Ollie is given a ray of light. It was an encounter with the watchmaker Joseph. His story is the key to saving Olly. Where is your father now, and what kind of place is heaven? Joseph’s words stir Olly’s heart and he begins to find a way to hope. But who exactly is Joseph? The encounter with the mysterious person keeps Olly at the mercy of him. What kind of ending will Olly reach?

    Creator profile

    Yona – Twitter:

    Indie game developer. He was born into a Christian pastoral family. After graduating from university, he worked for the game development company room6. At the company, he is involved in the development and publishing of games such as Kotodama Diary and Kitsune To Frog Journey. In 2022, he became a second-year student of Kodansha Game Creators Lab and began full-scale activities as an indie game creator.

    He is a person who likes making games anyway. Above all, I’m happy that we’ve finally reached a point where the title “In His Time” is about to be completed! Please play the trial version!

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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