Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How and When to Start Future Redeemed

    Dive back into Aionios for an incredible prequel and conclusion.

    The Future Redeemed story scenario is finally here for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as the last DLC release for Expansion Pass Wave 4. This new story brings the Xenoblade Chronicles trilogy to a close by detailing the history of the Founders, which ultimately leads to the events of the base Xenoblade Chronicles 3 game. Before diving into Nintendo and Monolith Soft’s latest release, fans should know how to access Future Redeemed and the best time to start this exciting expansion.

    How Do I Start Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Future Redeemed?

    After installing the version 2.0.0 update and purchasing the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Expansion Pass, players should see a prompt on the menu with the Start button logo (+) on the bottom left-hand corner. Pressing the Start button will shift the game into Future Redeemed mode, and the player is presented with a new title screen. Players may then adjust their settings and start a New Game with the difficulty level of their choosing. However, it may be wise to hold off if you aren’t completely caught up with Xenoblade Chronicles series.

    When Should I Start Future Redeemed?

    As Nintendo and Monolith Soft previously said, Future Redeemed ties together the events of all three mainline Xenoblade Chronicles games in a dense story expansion. This means players should know key details about the events of Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition and the Future Connected story, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and its Torna: The Golden Country expansion, and the base game of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The Future Redeemed expansion directly involves Shulk, Rex, and plot points surrounding Aionios and its circumstances, so it’s imperative that players gain the proper context before diving in.

    Despite being able to start Future Redeemed at any time, playing through Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is necessary to gain insight about the Flame Clock struggle, the importance of the Founders, and the true nature of the world as well. In short, investing in the series beforehand yields an even greater payoff to end this exciting trilogy and prequel story to Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

    Lastly, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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