Resident Evil 4 Demo Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

    In preparation for the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake later this month. Capcom released the “Chainsaw Demo” for the game. The demo dropped back on March 9 and is available to play on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. This demo can be played as many times as one wishes. It does not have a time limit like some previous Resident Evil demos released in the past.

    Starting The Resident Evil 4 Demo

    This demo begins at the start of the game and through the first 20-30 minutes. It opens with a quick recap of Resident Evil 2. This sees Leon being enlisted into a secret government program. Undergoing rigorous training before he begins to guard the President’s daughter, who has gone missing.

    As you take control of Leon, start by heading down the gloomy path and ruined huts until you reach a gap blocked by barbed wire. Look for a narrower path to the right to bypass the barbed wire and through a sizeable broken gate. You can inspect the gruesome carcass on the right. Or keep heading down the small path as it leads up an incline and into a low barrier. Use the indicated prompt for crouching down and moving forward until you find a battered-looking house.

    Getting Into The Lodge

    Head inside to find a long hall to the left and a door before the corner that leads into a bedroom. Inside there’s a crude charm that you inspect to gain a file, but otherwise, the place is empty. Leaving the room and heading back down the hall, you will find a locked door covered in markings. Go right through the other door to meet your first infected villager.

    After dispatching the infected villager:

    • Inspect the downed body to find the hunter’s lodge key.
    • Proceed to investigate the screams coming from behind the locked door back down the hall. You’ll now have access to your map, inventory, and files to which the mission brief and crude charm have been added.
    • Check on the ground where Leon first spotted the missing police badge to add the officer’s badge to your files.
      Now enter the locked door with the markings.
    • Go down the stairs to the basement to find it full of gruesome things. Inspect the doorway with the cloth over it. Leon will find out what happened to one of the missing officers. And hear the other officer getting into trouble over the radio.
      • If you’re worried about the amount of damage, the infected villager inflicted. Feel free to restart. As this demo can be played as many times as one wishes.

    Getting Out Of The Lodge

    As you turn to leave the basement, the infected villager from earlier will come staggering down the stairs. He’ll move to lunge at you with some speed. Keep backpedaling away while putting some shots around his head or chest if able. If you run away from his lunge quickly. You can hit him with knife slashes by tapping R2 or stabs by holding L1 first or holding the space bar on PC.

    Once the infected man goes down. Head up the stairs and open the door to find another villager staggering out of a door. He’ll move into the bedroom with another enemy, but it’s best to conserve ammo and avoid them. Instead, head through the door to the right of the one the enemy came out of to find a stairway to the second floor. Look at the base of the stairs for a cupboard that holds a Green Herb inside. Use it if that first enemy took a bit of your health; otherwise, save it for later.

    Once you enter the room on the second floor. Leon will find clues about the target he’s looking for and a map that points to the edge of a large lake. He’ll attempt communication with his supervisor, Agent Hunnigan. But that will be cut short by the arrival of more enemies. Prompting a swift exit to a path at the back of the lodge. If you’re curious about enemy strength, maybe try and take them on. This demo can be played as many times as one wishes, so you can always keep trying.

    To The Lake

    The enemies won’t chase you, so you can make your way down the new path at your own pace and take in the eerie sights. You’ll need to cross a bridge before coming to a path that leads to another ruined building. There’s also a barrel splashed with yellow paint outside the building. These barrels and crates can be broken open to find random items inside, like ammo. You don’t need to shoot or slash at them. Press X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, or F on PC, and Leon will kick it apart in Resident Evil 4. After you head inside, you will find a typewriter. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to save in the Resident Evil 4 demo. You will, however, get autosaves to maintain progress throughout it.

    The Path To The Village

    Leaving the save room behind, exit the shack to the sounds of more villagers nearby. The path will lead towards a butchered wolf, some crows, and another ruined building to the left behind. Check the inside of the building for a drawer with more handgun ammo. As you leave the shack, look for a path that leads past an old pickup truck and approach it carefully. There’s an overgrown building to the left that houses a crate you can break. But more importantly, two villagers are waiting to ambush you just past the truck. One will be behind a nearby tree. Another will be up on a ledge to the right of the truck and drop down to try and flank you.

    When fighting them, be careful. Suppose an enemy falls to the ground and begins to shudder violently. In that case, they will get back up as that first villager did and show signs of infection. In this state, they can’t be staggered. So it’s a good idea to shoot several rounds into them before they get up. Once you deal with the pair and loot their corpses. Make your way up the hill behind the truck and down another path. Be cautious of the bear trap on the ground here, but don’t worry. It won’t deal any damage if you step into it. However, it’s a good indication that you’ll need to keep an eye on the ground in the future so you don’t get trapped when enemies are approaching you.

    Down the path after the bear trap, there is an overgrown building to your left as you head down. Inside there is an enemy. You can try and be ready for his lunge and parry with your knife. Or see if you can line up a shot through the cracks in the building to force him out. Once dispatched, check the building he was in to find some handgun ammo, a flash grenade, and a red herb to mix with the green ones if you have yet to use them, that is, to improve health restoration.

    Entering The Village

    Continuing down the path, you will find a large door leading you into this region’s main village. As you approach the village square, look for some cover to the left and a prompt to investigate the ongoing execution down the road. The villagers won’t notice you immediately, making it an excellent time to start planning for the upcoming fight. The village encompasses a large area, and knowledge of the site will be the key to survival. This demo can be played as many times as one wishes. So really get a feel for the map.

    By crouching down and quickly moving to the narrow path on the left. Go behind the locked barn. Be cautious, though, as a woman will be patrolling down the alley between the barn and house near the village square but will eventually walk back to the opposite side. This should give you enough time to dart by and pick up the green herb on the back wall.

    Going further along the back path will give you cover from the square and lead you to another woman with her back turned away by some chicken coops. You can take her out quietly with your knife, which only uses a bit of durability. The far road to the gate in the northeast is guarded. So, when you’re ready, you can stab the patrolling woman in the back as she returns to the square or jump straight into the fight with your guns and knife at the ready.

    Leon S. Kennedy blocks a chainsaw attack from Dr. Salvador in the opening hours of the Resident Evil 4 Remake for PS5.

    The Attack

    Once the entire village is alerted to your presence, you’ll have to survive for four and a half minutes. You will be severely outnumbered, even though you can find ammo and items stashed all over. You will want to prioritize running and gunning over trying to fortify in one position to take out the enemies.

    It’s usually better to conserve ammo and knife durability by attacking sparingly and only when you need to clear a path. Most of the villagers will chase and jog after you. Still, a few others will almost always stay behind or even take alternate routes in an attempt to grab or attack you by surprise. Some may even try to plant bear traps when you aren’t looking. So be wary of those traps on the ground and instead try to bait enemies into them if you spot one planted in the area.

    The Barn

    Every path has its benefits depending on where the townsfolk are massed. Many buildings offer cover, items, and a moment of peace before enemies come barging in after you. However, you’ll likely want to avoid the upper northeast part of the village, as the small huts there are cramped and offer no easily accessible escape routes.

    To the left side of the village square, there is an open barn with a cow inside. Once a large group of villagers follows you, consider darting through the barn. This will trigger the lamp above to crash down and light everything on fire, including the cow, which will charge forth and crash into anyone in its way.

    Two-Story House

    On the other side of the village square, opposite the barn and up to the right. There is a large two-story house with a single front entrance behind some low fences. Once entering, it will trigger a cutscene where Leon locks the door. This will buy you a bit of time before the villagers come in after you. Before they all enter, you can push a shelf in front of a boarded window near the stairs for a bit more extra time.

    You can look under the stairs for a First Aid Spray and some Handgun Ammo. Be sure to get to these first to avoid getting trapped later with enemies behind you. Up the stairs, you can find a shotgun mounted on the wall next to a glass display cabinet. You can break the cabinet to retrieve a grenade. You can also find shotgun ammo on the bed just past the stairs. It should be noted, though, that going into this house will spawn more villagers and trigger the arrival of the Chainsaw Man.

    Some Extra Paths

    A smaller collapsed house can be found in the southwest corner, offering some room to escape. It’s best avoided until after the fight. Instead, you run around past a cart with a red herb in the southeast alley up past a larger home with two rooms. Last but not least, there’s a tower above the large church building with a long ladder to climb. At the top, there is only a bit of money. It’s not advisable to try escaping up there since the floorboards will break away to send you back down to the ground to your ever-chasing enemies. Stay within the ladder if you are careful. You can try to run down the clock picking off enemies that are trying to climb up one at a time.

    Chainsaw Man

    When it comes to the Chainsaw Man, he is a formidable and challenging enemy to face in Resident Evil 4. You can either avoid him entirely or try to eliminate him by using the bulk of your ammo. You can use the grenade and flash grenade to open him up for extra damage. Feel free to try both methods, as again. This demo can be played as many times as one wishes. If he gets enough space to charge at you, you’ll have one chance to parry with your knife. You likely won’t be able to use your knife again due to the vast durability loss. Always try to distance yourself and the chainsaw by climbing, jumping, or vaulting out of its direct path.

    After the four and a half minutes have elapsed, you’ll hear the church’s bells begin to ring. All the enemies will stop fighting you. And not a moment later, they’ll start to head toward the church and leave you behind as they lock the door behind them. Once that happens, the demo will end. Leaving us all curious about what the game will have in store for us next once the full game drops on March 24.

    In Summary

    In preparation for the release of the Resident Evil 4 remake later this month, Capcom left us the magnificent demo for their Resident Evil 4 remake. We hope this guide helps you through the demo if, at any point, you get stuck. This demo can be played as many times as one wishes. Good luck!

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