Romance Visual Novel My Girlfriend’s Special Place Launches March 13 for Steam

    "If you want me to forgive you, then become my butler!"

    Publisher Sekai Project announced feng-developed romance visual novel My Girlfriend’s Special Place for PC via Steam. The upcoming visual novel supports English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese subtitles with full Japanese audio.

    The hero of My Girlfriend’s Special Place is accused of severe misdeeds by his childhood friend, Fuyuka Akiyoshi. In order to gain her forgiveness, the hero must become Fuyuka’s butler. The hero agrees to the deal and their relationship blossoms in a fascinating story told in the new visual novel. 

    Steam users may wishlist My Girlfriend’s Special Place while waiting for the March 13 launch. The upcoming title is not Steam Deck verified yet, but it should work well on the portable platform. A console release was not announced by Sekai Project. 

    Here’s an overview of the visual novel via the official Steam page:


    One day, our hero is headed home from Akihabara when he’s mistaken for a molester. The person accusing him is his childhood friend, Fuyuka Akiyoshi. When they were both children, she was a well-dressed and lovely young rich girl, and the idol of the class. She was the apple of every boy’s eye, but it was impossible to get close to her, our hero included. But our hero was in love with her. He has memories of when he was younger and first felt that way.

    Before long, they ended up parting ways due to going to different middle schools. Our hero thinks that she might have been his first love. He didn’t actually molest her, but all she will say to him is: “If you want me to forgive you, then become my butler!” These two recently reunited people end up in an unusual relationship as their unusual story begins once again…

    This is the first game in the series!


    • Art by Ryohka
    • Fully-voiced (except the MC)
    • Text available in Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese
    • CG Gallery Mode available
    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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