Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe – All 100 Challenges

    Here are the hundred missions in Merry Magoland, and some hints on how to handle them.

    The new Merry Magoland mode in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe lets players visit another timeline: a timeline where Magolor has built a theme park for his friends to visit and enjoy. Ten sub-games, many returning from prior entries in the Kirby series, are available here to play alone or with up to three friends. Each game has multiple difficulty modes to master. In addition, there are missions for these mini-games, and completing them will fill the amusement park plaza with gold statues of familiar faces from the franchise. Finishing these challenges is also a requirement if you’re interested in obtaining all dress-up masks in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe. Here are all the missions from Merry Magoland, along with some tips on completing them!

    Egg Catcher Challenges

    The Egg Catcher mini-game in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.

    • Freshly Hatched Catcher
      Play Egg Catcher for the first time.
    • Catch 10 Eggs on Level 1
      Catch at least 10 Eggs in a single game on Level 1.
    • Double Dedede Doppelganger
      Play while wearing the King Dedede dress-up mask.
    • Consistent Catches on Level 2
      Catch at least 15 eggs in a row in a single game on Level 2.
    • Catch 20 Eggs on Level 3
      Catch at least 20 eggs in a single game on Level 3.
    • 100 Total Eggs Caught
      Catch a grand total of 100 or more eggs.
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Catch enough eggs to clear each difficulty setting.
    • King Catcher
      Complete all other missions for Egg Catcher.

    Egg Catcher’s challenges aren’t too difficult. The only mission that might give you some trouble is catching 20 eggs on Level 3 difficulty. The robot will throw both eggs and bombs fast and furiously on Level 3. Be careful to shut Kirby’s mouth at the right time. Trial and error is the best method for this challenge, as you’ll come to learn the patterns that the bot will cycle through, and eventually won’t have to rely as much on reaction. In completing this one challenge, you’ll have also beaten Level 3 and probably gotten close to 100 total eggs as well.

    Checkerboard Chase Challenges

    • Neo Checkerboard Chaser
      Play Checkerboard Chase for the first time.
    • Drop ‘Em Easily
      Cause 5 or more rivals to fall in a single game on Easy while a CPU rival is present
    • Adding Adeleine
      Play while wearing the Adeleine dress-up mask.
    • One Fall, That’s All
      Win a game on Normal while only falling once or not at all while a CPU rival is present.
    • A Hard but Speedy Victory
      Win within 1:00 on Hard difficulty while a CPU rival is present
    • 50 Total Rivals Dropped
      Cause a grand total of 50 or more rivals to fall.
    • 30 Seconds without an Intense Fall
      After the game starts, last at least 30 seconds without falling on Intense! difficulty while a CPU rival is present
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Win on all difficulty settings while a CPU rival is present
    • Crystal-Clear Checkerboard Chaser
      Complete all other missions for Checkerboard Chase

    Most of these missions can be tackled by playing defensively. By taking more care in avoiding getting dropped than dropping your opponents, you’ll be able to complete both the “30 seconds without a fall”l and “One Fall, That’s all missions”, as well as likely win all difficulties. You’ll want to take a more aggressive approach for Drop ‘Em Easily and A Hard but Speedy Victory. On Easy you can simply spam the various rows, dropping enemies rapidly and repeatedly. On Hard, you’ll want to be aggressive, but “sniping” will work more to your advantage. Wait until an opponent is busy dropping blocks they’re focused on, and quickly drop the one they’re standing on.

    Bomb Rally Challenges

    • Rookie Rally
      Play Bomb Rally for the first time
    • Triple Smash
      Return a bomb at the last moment with a smash hit 3 times in a row
    • Bomb Rally Nightmare
      Play while wearing the Nightmare Wizard dress-up mask
    • Reverse Hit Master
      Win using only Reverse Hits by swapping hands right before the bomb approaches each time
    • A Smash for a Smash
      After a rival smashes a bomb your way, return it with a smash hit
    • Consecutive Victories on Level 3
      Win 2 times in a row on Level 3
    • 50 Total Hits
      Hit bombs a grand total of 50 times or more
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Win on all difficulty settings
    • Grand Slam Rally
      Complete all other missions for Bomb Rally

    This timing on this game can be quite tough to master, so don’t feel bad if it takes a while to get into its rhythm. You’ll want as little input delay/lag as possible, so this mini-game is best played in handheld mode when striving to complete its missions. To beat its harder difficulties and to finish A Smash for a Smash and Triple Smash, you’ll need to master hitting the bomb just as it lines up directly in front of your character. The speed that the target gets in this position varies based on your opponents’ lobs, so you’ll need to determine this with sight every time the bomb comes your way. To do a reverse hit, simply press A before the bomb is anywhere near you to change your position and your next hit will be a Reverse Hit.

    Crackity Hack Challenges

    • Crackity Debut Match
      Play Crackity Hack for the first time
    • 900.00 on Level 1
      Win with a score of 900.00 or higher on Level 1
    • The Dark Reflection’s Power
      Play while wearing the Dark Meta Knight dress-up mask
    • Crack the Planet on Level 2
      Get a score of 999.99 and reach the other side of the planet on Level 2
    • Consecutive Victories on Level 3
      Win 2 times in a row on Level 3
    • 5,000.00 Total Score
      Earn a grand-total score of 5000.00 or more
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Win on all difficulty settings
    • Crackity Champ
      Complete all other missions for Crackity Hack

    Doing well in Crackity Hack means pressing A at the precise moment that each meter is full, and then again when your target reticle lines up with the identical one it falls toward. As the difficulty level increases, the number of bars you’ll need to max increases, and so does the speed at which they fluctuate. It’s best to clear Level 1 and Level 2 as quickly as possible and then practice your full 999.99 Planet Cracking performance on Level 3. To win Level 3 twice, you’ll likely need perfect performances twice in a row. In working toward the Consecutive Victories mission, you’ll have made considerable progress toward 5,000 Total Score, and a Level 2 planet crack should be a breeze.

    Smash Ride Challenges

    A Gold Marx statue built in Merry Magoland as a reward for completing 50 missions in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe.
    As you finish these missions, your plaza will get decorated with gold statues. The reward for finishing 50 is the cute but creepy Marx.
    • Beginner Rider
      Play Smash Ride for the first time
    • Single Smash, Double Hit
      Cause two or more rivals to fall using a single Smash attack
    • Squeak Squad Impersonator
      Play while wearing the Daroach dress-up mask
    • 20-Second Survival
      Battle without falling for at least 20 seconds after the game starts
    • 20-Point Victory on Level 2
      Win with 20 or more points on Level 2
    • Defeat the Squeaks on Level 3
      Make all of the thieving mice known as the Squeaks fall during a single game on Level 3
    • 70 Total Rivals Drops
      Cause rivals to fall a grand total of 70 or more times
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Win on all difficulty settings
    • Triple-Star Rider
      Complete all other missions for Smash Ride.

    I’m gonna be honest with you; I didn’t even look at the challenges until I’d beaten all three difficulties in this sub-game and realized I’d gotten most of them without trying. As long as you’re taking care to not get bumped by enemies and the aim of your charge attacks is true, you’ll likely finish all these missions with no need for any special consideration. You may need to grind a few more Rival Drops or go back through Level 3 and make sure you nail every one of the Squeaks. Otherwise, this mission list is smooth sailing. Get a feel for how far each charge level will propel your cart and you’re golden; you’ll be dodging enemies and knocking them off the stage in no time.

    Kirby on the Draw Challenges

    • Green Gunner
      Play Kirby on the Draw for the first time
    • Danger! Don’t Shoot!
      Win without hitting any Bombers
    • Cosmic Jester, Happy to Help
      Play while wearing the Marx dress-up mask
    • Reloaded and Ready
      Win without ever running out of bullets
    • Magolor Target on Level 2
      Hit a Magolor target on Level 2
    • Pass 700 Points on Level 3
      Earn 700 or more points in a single game on Level 3
    • 200 Total Targets Hit
      Hit a grand total of 200 or more targets
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Win on all difficulty settings
    • Super Star Cowboy
      Complete all other missions for Kirby on the Draw

    Kirby on the Draw is a fairly simple target practice game. The tough part is that three other characters will be firing at your potential points! Analog aim works fine enough, but to make things easier, you can aim with your Joy-Con’s motion control. This allows you to move your reticle much faster and is essential to getting those 700 points in Level 3. Another option is to tap your targets on the Switch’s touch screen; both of these options are probably going to be better than analog control. Here’s one thing to look out for: you’ll want to hit purple targets since they provide tons of points, but they’re similar in appearance to bombs which will tank your score. Be fast, but take your time to learn the difference between the two and shoot carefully!

    Ninja Dojo

    • The Dojo Conquest Begins
      Play Ninja Dojo for the first time
    • 3 Straight Bull’s-Eyes
      Get 3 consecutive bull’s-eyes in a single game
    • Bandana-Based Ninja Training
      Play while wearing the Bandana Waddle Dee dress-up mask
    • A Warrior’s Bull’s-Eye
      Hit one of Magolor’s targets with a bull’s-eye on Warrior difficulty
    • Amazing! 1000 Points on Master
      Earn 1000 or more points in a single game on Master difficulty
    • 30 Total Bull’s-Eyes
      Get a grand total of 30 or more bull’s-eyes
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Clear all difficulty settings
    • Conquering Dojo Master
      Complete all other missions for Ninja Dojo

    In this game where you’ll be throwing shuriken at targets, you don’t need to worry about manually aiming, only timing your throws. The target will move across the screen and depending on when you throw, you’ll (hopefully) land near the middle of the circle. Practice is the name of the game here. Becoming familiar with the timing and in later difficulty modes, the fake-out targets that Magolor will swirl around the screen is essential to becoming proficient enough to get strings of bull’s-eyes. Getting consecutive bull’s-eyes gets you even more points on top of the reward for your individual throw, so combos are paramount to boosting your score.

    Magolor’s Tome Trackers Challenges

    • New Student at the Library
      Play Magolor’s Tome Trackers for the first time
    • 5 Tomes in a Row
      Find 5 Magic Tomes in a row before your rivals can grab them
    • Then I Volunteer!
      Play while wearing the Elfilin dress-up mask
    • Tome-tally Perfect
      Win without grabbing a single incorrect tome
    • 7 Gold Tomes on Level 2
      Find 7 Gold Magic Tomes in a single game on Level 2
    • 18 Points on Level 3
      Win with 18 or more points in a single game on Level 3
    • 100 Total Points
      Earn a grand total of 100 or more points
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Win on all difficulty settings
    • New Head Librarian
      Complete all other missions for Magolor’s Tome Trackers

    In this brand new sub-game players need to grab whatever book Magolor shows them from a collection of tomes on the platforms below. Only one player can claim each book, meaning they need to do it faster than their opponents. 5 Tomes in a Row is easily obtained on Level 1 difficulty. Gold Tomes are the books that appear in the Last Chance portion of each round, so that’s where you’ll need to find the books for your Level 2 challenge. 18 Points on Level 3 can be difficult with the AI competitors being as fast as they are. Take one or two of them out of the equation by starting the game with other human players (ones who’ll let you win, preferably) to make those 18 points a breeze. The 100 Total Points will be more of a grind than other sub-games grand total challenges, but it isn’t egregious.

    Samurai Kirby Challenges

    Kirby having just defeated Meta Knight in Samurai Kirby with a score of 15 in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe for Nintendo Switch.

    • Apprentice Samurai
      Play Samurai Kirby for the first time
    • 10 in a Row without Faulting
      Defeat 10 rivals in a row without faulting
    • Dueling Samur-eye
      Play while wearing the Waddle Doo dress-up mask
    • 5 in a Row without Faulting on HARD
      While playing solo, defeat 5 rivals on HARD without faulting
    • 30 Total Rivals Defeated
      Defeat a grand total of 30 rivals
    • Clear All Difficulties
      While playing solo, defeat 5 rivals on each difficulty setting
    • Blade-Master Samurai
      Complete all other missions for Samurai Kirby

    Samurai Kirby is all about reaction speed. To minimize input delay/lag, you’ll want to be playing this challenge handheld with your Joy-Cons connected directly to your Switch. The moment to strike is indicated by a sound and a visual effect. Be sure to turn your sound up or use headphones, as you can likely react to sound faster than you can to visual stimuli. To avoid faulting, simply never attempt to predict or anticipate the right moment to strike. Always react, instead.

    To easily defeat 10 enemies in a row with little worry, take on ten of them in easy mode. To clear hard mode and win five matches in a row without faulting, you’ll need impressive reaction speeds. You can practice Samurai Kirby and improve your ability, but don’t be too discouraged if you can’t defeat Meta Knight on Hard; it’s quite demanding. You’ll need a score of 15 or lower to beat him, which seems to translate to a reaction time of 150 milliseconds (.15 seconds).

    Booming Blasters Challenges

    • Rookie Blaster
      Play Booming Blasters for the first time
    • Super Shot, Double Hits
      Hit two or more rivals with a single Super Shot
    • Extermination By Blaster
      Play Booming Blasters while wearing the Susie dress-up mask
    • Overhead Shot Master
      Hit rivals with 3 Overhead Shots in a single game
    • Every Rival on Level 2
      Defeat all of your rivals in a single game on Level 2 difficulty
    • Half Health on Level 3
      Win on Level 3 with at least half of your health remaining
    • 30 Total Hits
      Hit rivals with a grand total of 30 or more shots
    • Clear All Difficulties
      Win on all difficulty settings
    • Star Blaster
      Complete all other missions for Booming Blasters

    The missions in this top-down shooter won’t give you much trouble. You can take care of the Super Shot and Overhead Shot challenges on a low difficulty to make them easier. Your gun levels up as you land hits, giving it a bigger Super Shot. Tag a few enemies to raise your level before attempting to hit multiple with one Super Shot. Defeating every rival in Level 2 means you have to be the one to finish all of them off. Take them out one by one so that no one steals your kill. Lastly, when it comes to making it out of Level 3 with half your health intact, remember that you can jump in this mode, and use cover to your advantage. Don’t waste time with super shots. Peak around corners and take out enemies with standard attacks.

    Extra Missions

    Kirby uses a firecracker to attack enemies in a stage from Cookie Country in Kirby's Return to Dream Land Deluxe
    If you’ve made it this far, you’re close to done! Almost time for the fireworks!
    • Enjoy the Attractions!
      Play sub-games 10 or more times
    • Park-Attractions Expert
      Play sub-games 50 or more times
    • Play Every Attraction
      Play each of the mini-games at least once
    • Complete All Attractions
      Clear all difficulty settings on every subgame attraction
    • Your First Tour
      Go on your first Magoland Tour
    • Practically the Tour Conductor
      Earn 1st place in the final results of all tour difficulties
    • First 100-Rival Battle
      Duel on the battleground for the first time in Samurai Kirby 100
    • Excellence in 100-Rival Battle
      Place #20 or higher on the battleground in Samurai Kirby 100
    • A Mask for the Adventure
      Clear 1 stage in Main Mode while wearing a dress-up mask
    • A Souvenir for the Adventure
      Clear 1 stage in Main Mode while using a souvenir item
    • Fact Fanatic
      Listen to Magolor’s facts in the Entrance Plaza 5 times
    • The Magolor Hunt Begins
      Find one of the Hidden Magolors displayed somewhere in the Entrance Plaza
    • Stamp Collector
      Complete 10 Stamp Rallies
    • Unstoppable Stamp Collector
      Complete 30 Stamp Rallies
    • Stamps: Life’s Greatest Joy
      Complete 50 Stamp Rallies

    Most of these are self-explanatory, but some ask you to engage with modes you might not have tried yet. A Magoland Tour is initiated from the signpost beside Manager Magolor at the center of the plaza. You’ll compete against friends or AI in multiple sub-games, with whoever has performed the best overall coming out on top. Samurai Kirby 100 is available near the center of Merry Magoland at a spinning blue Kirby globe. Placing in the top 100 in this daily competition is actually a bit easier than beating its standard hard mode: you’ll need to score around a 17 rather than a 15.

    Finding Hidden Magolors is a challenge in Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe that’s reminiscent of the Hidden Mickeys in Kingdom Hearts III. You only need to find one here for the mission: check the front of your golden Meta Knight statue near the entrance for easy completion. Finish up these missions and you’ll have conquered all 100 challenges in Merry Magoland and earned a ton of masks!

    Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is available now on Nintendo Switch. A free demo is also available to download, featuring three story stages and two sub-games from Merry Magoland for players to try.

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