Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.35 Launches March 7

    Equip powerful Manderville weaponry and help an old friend.

    Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.35 launches on March 7 featuring a plethora of new side content to explore. Players will take a rest from the main scenario and join Hildibrand on a new adventure. 

    Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.35 adds new Tribal Quests featuring the Loporrits on the moon. Since the moon is no longer needed for traveling the sea of stars, Dreamingway needs help determining the path forward for the Loporrits. Players will also set out on a new adventure with Hildibrand and aid his father, Godbert. 

    Hildibrand is back on the surface after a surreal journey on the moon. He launches himself directly into a search for Master PuPu’s missing companion, which will likely cause some trouble. However, players may also participate in new weapon enhancement quests given by Godbert so arm themselves with powerful Manderville weapons. These weapons may be vital for players choosing to traverse the Eureka Orthos deep dungeon.

    Here’s an overview of Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.35 via Square Enix:

    Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.35 Content
    • New Tribal Quests: Loporrits – With the moon no longer needed for interstellar evacuation, myriad tiny voices cry out for new purpose. Fortunately for the erstwhile starship crew, their own Dreamingway has no little experience in fretting over such matters, and is determined to help each and every Loporrit find their way.
    • New Deep Dungeon: Eureka Orthos – In the late Third Astral Era, when the ancient Allagan Empire was at the zenith of its glory, researchers toiled deep under the Crystal Tower to uncover secrets which might uplift their motherland to even greater heights. Their laboratory was dubbed Eureka Orthos, where impossible concepts of immortality, cloning, and dominion over the divine were made reality. So fantastic was this research that the legend of Eureka has endured through the ages─ and it now falls to the star’s foremost adventurer to bring the laboratory’s buried secrets into the light of day.
      Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures – After enduring a series of surreal misadventures on the moon, Inspector Hildibrand has made it back to the star’s surface. He and his eclectic crew launch themselves directly into the search for Master PuPu’s missing companion─ an endeavor which attracts the attention of old acquaintances both affable and aggravating…
    • Weapon Enhancement Quests – Manderville Weapons – Lord Godbert has been diligently deciphering his ancestor’s manual in a bid to recreate the magnificent Manderville weaponry. Though stymied by cryptic code for quite some time, the key to advancing the augmentation process is finally in his well-manicured hands!

    Lastly, Final Fantasy XIV and the latest expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, are available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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