Dokapon Kingdom: Connect Details Standard and Advanced Jobs, Opening Movie

    Master several different jobs.

    Idea Factory International revealed new details regarding standard and advanced jobs found in Dokapon Kingdom: Connect. Additionally, the company revealed the game’s opening movie.

    Dokapon Kingdom: Connect pre-orders are available now at participating retailers in North America and Europe. Users may also wishlist the standard edition in the IFI Online Store. Pre-orders open soon in the IFI Online Store, and customers will receive an exclusive trading card with their pre-order while supplies last. 

    Here’s a rundown of the jobs found in Dokapon Kingdom: Connect via Idea Factory International:

    Standard Jobs

    Before the start of the game, a player can choose from 3 different characters: Warrior, Magician, or Thief. Players can also adjust the color of their outfits, as well as their facial expressions for each character. Each job has unique skills and abilities, so choose wisely!

    • Warrior – A job for those who want to pack a real punch. Good with physical attacks and weapons.
    • Magician – A job for those who want to aggressively attack with magic. Able to cast high powerful magical skills
    • Thief – A job for those who want to move fast and steal things. God-level pickpocket skills. 
    Advanced Jobs

    As players progress through the game and defeat monsters, players will notice that their mastery stats will increase for their standard job. Players must meet certain prerequisites (i.e. master the Warrior) before they can head back to the castle and ask the King for a change in advanced jobs. Players can choose from 6 different advanced job classes:

    • Alchemist – Produces items using magic. It’s said they can turn rocks into gold…
    • Cleric – Helps others using holy powers. Their gift comes from faith.
    • Spellsword – A well-rounded fighter, skilled with both weapons and magic.
    • Monk – With their honed fighting skills, their body is a weapon.
    • Acrobat – A professional entertainer who can fool anyone with expert acting skills.
    • Ninja – Assassins who quietly strike from the shadows. They attack quickly.
    Opening Movie

    Lastly, Dokapon Kingdom: Connect launches April 16 for Nintendo Switch in Japan and this spring in the west.

    Soul Kiwami
    Soul Kiwami
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