The Legend of Dragoon – How To Raise Dragoon Level

    Spend more time in the sky by raising your Dragoon level.

    Early on in The Legend of Dragoon, you’ll gain the ability to transform into the titular winged warriors. Your characters will go through a sick Power Ranger-esque morphing sequence and emerge as powerful fighters of legend. In this mode, your party will have access to beefed-up physical attacks and more importantly, magic. Want to extend how many turns you can spend in Dragoon form? You’ll need to raise your character’s Dragoon level.

    How To Raise Your Dragoon Level

    Unlike your character’s regular ol’ level, their Dragoon levels don’t increase through the accumulation of experience points. Dragoon levels (referred to as the unfortunate abbreviation “D Level” in post-battle screens) are raised by amassing SP. This is the same currency that fills your transformation gauge, letting you morph at all in the first place. Though your meter can only be filled as high as your Dragoon level will allow, the SP you get still counts toward leveling up.

    SP is gained when your characters use physical attacks on enemies. Successful Additions (combos) mean you’ll get even more. The amount of SP gained is different for each Addition, and this can increase when you level up these strings of attacks. Damage inflicted and SP gained are the two measures you’ll want to take into account when deciding which Additions to equip throughout the game.

    Dart completing the Burning Rush Addition against an enemy in The Legend of Dragoon, gaining 75 points of SP.
    The numbers at the bottom left indicate how much SP each hit of Dart’s Burning Rush rewards him with, totaling 75 points as seen on the right.

    How To More Efficiently Grind Dragoon Levels

    Counter to the way you grind in most JRPGs, rather than killing as many enemies as you can as quickly as possible, you’ll want to keep foes alive as long as you can. The longer each monster stays alive, the longer you can pound them with your Additions, accumulating precious SP toward raising your Dragoon level. Equip each character with the Addition that rewards the most SP, give them their weakest available weapons, and get yourself into some random battles. As an added benefit, while you’re grinding for SP, you’ll also be successfully doing tons of Additions, raising the level of these combos as well. They’ll then reward you with even more damage and/or SP!

    The Legend of Dragoon is available now for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5. Users who purchased the game on PS3 or PSP can download the new version for free. It’s also included in the Classics Catalog for PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers.

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