Metroid Prime 4 Pre-Orders Have Been Halted

    $70 inbound.

    Following the pre-orders of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom being halted, now it looks to be that pre-orders of Metroid Prime 4 have followed.

    Amazon has made the product temporarily unavailable, as it did with Tears of the Kingdom. Best Buy, however, still has MP4 available for pre-order at this time, so if you want to secure the $60 price tag be sure to do that as soon as possible!

    Metroid Prime 4 Amazon Pre-order

    Metroid Prime 4 was originally announced during Nintendo’s 2017 E3 presentation. After announcing it would be developed by Bandai Namco, Nintendo in 2019 confirmed that development would be restarting with Retro Studios. Retro has continued to hire for the project throughout the last few years

    Prime 4 very well could release this holiday if we hear anything about it during tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct. It is expected that Nintendo will announce the title-wide $70 price increase tomorrow, matching that of both PlayStation and Xbox. The $70 titles first started appearing with the launch of the PlayStation 5, however, more and more developers have begun adopting the practice.

    Metroid Prime Gamecube screenshot

    Be sure to stick around to Final Weapon, especially as more information regarding this price increase gets announced tomorrow! Metroid Prime 4 pre-orders should resume tomorrow with a brand new price of $69.99 across all major retailers and Nintendo’s Switch eShop.

    Future Nintendo Switch titles will surely follow this practice as well, such as Pikmin 4, which is scheduled to release this year. Metroid Prime 4 is undated and scheduled to release across the Nintendo Switch family of systems.

    Noah Hunter
    Noah Hunter
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